Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Review | Boohoo Cosmetics High Pigment Eye Shadow Palettes

Yeah, you read that right - BOOHOO DO COSMETICS  I think I noticed some the of the collection on their Instastories last week and couldn't resist buying a couple of bits to see how they shape up. Due to my diverse collection of eye shadow palettes I think I'm better at working out what is a bargain and what is a heap of 💩 in comparison to other products. As with all Boohoo products, the cosmetics collection is more than affordable which made me more intrigued to check it out in person. 

Boohoo Cosmetics High Pigment Eye Shadow Palettes


Saturday, 13 January 2018

Soap and Glory Favourites Old and New

I've been a big old fan of Soap and Glory for a while now, for the past five years my Mum has always got me the Big One for Christmas which keeps me stocked up in products for a good few months. Even Luke has become a fan, he used my Sugar Crush Shower Gel the first time he stayed at my house and ordered himself some as soon as he got home. My cousin has also become a die-hard fan and got a massive haul of goodies for Christmas and her raving reviews sparked me to blow the points left on my Boots on some new S&G wonders and write a post about my trusty old faves and impressive new buys. 

Soap & Glory Flatlay issybellefox


Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Review | Jamie Oliver 5 Ingredients - Quick & Easy Food

I was half-tempted to buy Luke this book back during Christmas time when I half-noticed a Youtuber mention it. More recently we went to Luke's parents who had got the book for Christmas and both had a look at some of the recipes and were really keen to try a few. We're definitely lacking inspiration in the kitchen lately and tend to go for the same, very basic meals of spag bol, wraps, chilli or pizza. We also both have very different preferences when it comes to food, where I go for hearty northern stews and roasts, Luke prefers fajitas and well, Nando's. With this in mind I decided to snap this up on Amazon for £11 and see how our pal Jamie O creates meals with just 5 ingredients.

Review | Jamie Oliver 5 Ingredients - Quick & Easy Food | ISSYBELLEFOX


Sunday, 7 January 2018

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Lingerie Vault with swatches

What's the most logical thing to do when you're wanting to try a lip product for the first time? Buy it in 30 shades of course. I've been lusting after the Nyx Lingerie collection for a while but with already having an obscene amount of lip products that I don't use often often enough stashed away in my make-up drawer, I never got around to buying any (much to Luke's relief). Then, Cult Beauty popped up in my inbox with an offer to buy the Lingerie Vault, that includes 6 additional shades to the collection for £45 and the baby kicked and it accidentally fell in my shopping basket and before I knew it it was being handed to me by the world's grumpiest postman and well, here we are.
NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Lingerie Vault issybellefox review

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