Grey nails & Berry lips

Alien Fingers

As with a wardrobe full of clothes, a girl can look at her extensive nail polish collection which, includes every possible sahde and come to the conclusion that she has nothing to wear...on her nails.
This happened to me, suddenly, at around 1:30pm whilst at work. I stared at my Rose Hip coloured nails and decided that I no longer wanted to bask in the glory of pastel hues but wanted to go all dark and mysterious.

With that, I popped into Superdrug on my lunch break (which should be re-named Superdrug break) and browsed the isles for the perfect grey shade I had spent half an hour imagining. Surprisingly, Barry M could not cater for my new need and neither could Sally Hansen. I begrudgingly had a gander through MUA's nail colours and spotted this little beauty. The shade was perfect but I was skeptical about the longevity of the formula. Once I applied it I was thrilled with the results, for once a colour looked exactly as it does in the bottle. The fact that I am now five days in wearing this shade and there hasn't been and chipping or over-wearing, other than the general wear at the very end of my nails (which is always more visible with darker shades) it has stayed, pretty much perfect. I will be browsing for more MUA shades, they cost £1 and you can't really lose in this situation. Sorry Barry.

As I've mentioned before, Autumn = Berry lips and I'm going darker this year.  I got this ah-may-zing berry shade named Aubergine from Collection for approximately £2.50. Since taking care of my lips properly with consistent exfoliation and moisturising, they can handle wearing lipsticks a lot better. As with most colours, this shade comes up lighter when applied but not by much. I would advise lining your lips before applying this shade as it does bleed out a little and, with all dark colours, a little liner just neatens the look up. I tend to just line my lips with a natural shade and then follow with the colour. The staying power of this lippy isn't bad for the price, I tend to remove my lip colour half-way through the day and reapply to freshen up anyway.



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