Hello, Autumn

There’s something about the Autumn weather that prepares my mind body and soul for the year to come. It’s the time when I start to look back on the year and evaluate, what’s worked out, what hasn’t, what I achieved, what I didn’t. Because of this season, none of it matters, you know you're on the home run to the end of the year and new beginnings so might as well enjoy the last of it regardless. The fresh crisp morning air, crunchy leaves and endless lattes only excite me for what’s to come and all the negatives get blown away in the chilly breeze and I can focus on new beginnings.
That being said, when I look back, this year has been the best in a long time. Naturally, it’s had it’s ups and downs but there has been one, solid, boulder of consistent security since quite literally, the year began and that is Luke. For once, I have unconditional support and a future and plans and adventures and it just makes every transition to every season more exciting than the last. This has all got me thinking about my favourite things about Autumn:

  • Really appreciating that hot drink in the morning. I love a coffee all day everyday but there’s something so comforting about that first cup on a crispy October morning that warms me to the core, even more so if it’s on a weekend morning.

  • Novelty PJ’s and slippers, It’s cold enough to justify spending 50% of your wages on all those cute novelty pyjama and 'lounge suit' sets in Primark. Take your pick from, Harry Potter, Bambi and Primark's own cute designs...and don't forget to buy slipper socks by the bucket load to match each set.

  • Cinnamon everything - candles, buns, lattes. Go cray-cray with that cinnamon; but don't start doing that challenge. 

  • It's that time of year when dark lips are bang on trend and we can go all goth-glam with our purple hues. 

  • Not going out. Even though it's the build up to the 'party season', I hate going out...at all but, especially in the cold. Nothing beats snuggling up in cute PJ's watching films and drinking hot chocolate with cream and marshamallows.

  • You can never have too many blankets on your bed, sofa, knees at work, even wearing them as clothes is a thing.

  • Crispy mornings, when you step out of house into the fresh crisp morning air and your face goes all tingly and you can't wait to get to the office. 

  • Even though it may be little too warm outside you've mentally prepared yourself for Autumn and you will wear your new winter coat no matter how hot you feel.

  • Taking little Bert to the Embankment to jump in leaves and then running home to get warm by the fire. 

  • Halloween - watching scary films, telling ghost stories and eating sweets. 

  • Family Birthdays - There's about 6 family birthdays in my family between September and December, this means a lot of gatherings and a lot of fun. 

  • Finally..... *whispers* Christmaaaaaaas! It's time to start shopping and secretly thinking about mistletoe and cinnamon and spiced apple scents and washing the Xmas beeding Eeeeek! 



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