Bomb Cosmetics

Last weekend we took a trip back up to Crewe to visit family. Luke, my grandparents and I took a drive over to Dagfields in Cheshire to browse their never ending sheds filled to the brim with antique and vintage goodies. We budgeted ourselves £20 to spend on whatever we wanted. After scrolling through every warehouse we came across the soap shop. Luke and I are both lush lovers so we immediately started sniffing everything we could find. 

Bomb cosmetics are very similar to Lush in both design and price. Between us, we got the Raspberry Blower shoer cream which is like the Nivea in shower conditioner but much nicer smelling. The Strawberry Fields body polish is amazing. it slowly lathers up when wet and develops into a moisturising scrub that smells like strawberry ice cream. 

I also picked up two slices of soap cake from the Yum counter in strawberry cheese cake and sticky toffee pudding. Again, these smell absolutely amazing. The Citrus Peel Soap a really nice refreshing morning soap the extra strong citrus scent wakes me up and mixed with the moisturising soap makes a refreshing shower. 



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