Saturday, 3 October 2015

Newlook Fragrances

It seems that every high street shop has their own cosmetics range now. This has always been something that doesn't sit too comfortably with me. I think the OCD part of me would prefer clothes shops to stock clothes and cosmetics shops to stock cosmetics. I was spoilt last week with a pair of beautiful burgundy strappy heels, a PJ set and two bottles of the new Newlook Pure Fragrance range. 

I can safely say that I am in love with these two scents. Pure Touch is the perfect day time scent and very similar to Marc Jacobs Daisy and a fraction of the price. Pure Dusk is equally as lovely but more of an evening scent. Not only to they smell amazing but I love the packaging and the different shaped bottles and colours for each scent. 

For only £8.00 per bottle they're a new favourite beauty bargain and I think I might have to buy the whole collection. Next time you're in a queue in Newlook, have a whiff of these and I promise you'll end up buying one and I think I might start being more comfortable with clothing shops selling beauty products if they're producing gems like these.

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