Room Tour

Room tours are probably my favourite posts to read. I really enjoy having a look people's spaces. I usually get serious room envy when having a snoop around because my room is no where near to my ideal dream room. The first negative thing about it is that there's a boy in there and boys come with xboxes, odd socks and spare change. I don't mind the spare change as I can swipe the odd £1 when I need a sneaky bar of chocolate and the Xbox has come in handy for watching Netflix and Amazon Prime on..but the socks?!?

My favourite thing about my room is the bed and specifically the wall above my bed. For Valentine's Day Luke had stolen house keys from my Mum and put these beautiful lights up in my room along with some woodland print bedding, Iphone speakers and the biggest bunch of lilies I've ever seen. I love snuggling up on the bed with a fluffy blanket and popping the lights on whilst I read blogs.

My room is right at the top of the house in the loft. The house is really old so the ceiling is slowly caving in, although this does worry me sometimes, I love the character it adds to the room. The room doesn't have a main ceiling light so we use fairy lights where we can and a lamp next to the bed. It all just makes the room extra cosy.

My dressing table has sort of spread from the actual dressing table itself over to the chest of drawers next to it. I keep a photo of my Great grandma on my dressing table along with a candle. The only window of the room is right above this, my little cactus and love letters live here. Although the window is really small it lets a lot of light in and being so high up in comparison to the houses around me, I don't need curtains or blinds. The fairy lights over the window just add extra warmth to the room.

I recently made this desk/study area in my room. Having left uni three years ago I never thought I would need a desk in my room again but I recently took on a second job that requires working from home.I wanted to create an area where I can hide away and get all my work done at once rather than spend all evening with my Macbook on my lap working here and there whilst staring at the TV. It's also a great place to write blog posts, I tend too feel more organised and awake in this are of my room.

Finally, Mavis, my mannequin. She was a moving in present from my Mum when I moved back home with her. At first I thought Mavis would just be an ornament but she's useful for styling outfits and taking photos.

Like I said, my room isn't ideal. The furniture is a miss match of what I already had and what was left in the loft. I'd love and all white room with wooden floors and fluffy rugs and white french style furniture with a separate dressing and bathroom. We're planning on moving house soon so maybe I'll get my wish but I will miss this room a little.



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