The Beans and the value of friendship

Six years ago I was a gobby northern 18 year old with a massive chip on my shoulder. My Mum had gone and got a job down south and decided that we were moving. Not having the greatest prospects in my home town and still having that need to be close to my Mum, I felt that I was 'dragged' down here with her.

I started the local 6th form, not only standing out for being practically foreign but also an 18 year old in year 12. I couldn't have stood out more if I'd tried. I had already resigned myself to the fact that I was going to be  miserable here and had no intention of making friends with these whiney accented children that I was forced to spend the majority of my week with. Safe to say I wasn't the most popular person on this massive clique that was the 6th form common room, these kids grew up in this small town and had known each other all their lives, the older ones were about as mature as a pre-school class and the younger ones sat in a big ring in the other half of the room whispering about Anime and reminiscing year 11 like it was a lifetime ago.

After a week of looking at them in disgust and in return getting looked at in disgust, out of no where two girls popped up and we formed the most unlikely exclusive clique probably in the history of this town. The Beans were born and we became infamous, we were separated from the popular group with a small few who tolerated us and an even smaller few who actually liked us. These two girls were my saving grace, I was only lonely child in a town with no friends and I became blessed with the two bestest friends a girl could ask for. We went through everything together and were inseparable.

6 years later, 1 fiance, 2 kids, 1 degree, 1 on the way and wedding in the summer we are still the best of friends, exclusive and probably still massively disliked as a group by half the population of that town but, we couldn't be stronger. These girls, or should I say women now? have taught me the true value of friendship and I couldn't be more honoured to be one of The Beans.

Here's to six years and forever.



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