Vichy Dermablend

After reading so many positive reviews, I caved in and broke my bank balance's heart by buying some Vichy Dermablend for £18.00. I was a little hesitant about spending so much on just 30ml of product but pleasently surprised after squeezing half a tester bottle all over my hand in Boots how far a little goes, and by far, I mean all over my hand, the shelf and the floor.

Vichy Dermablend is a corrective foundation (basically the mother of CC creams) that promises to give a concentration pigment level of 25%  - twice the coverage of normal foundation and leaves natural light weight finish.

Vichy claim that Dermablend offers up to 12 hours of lasting coverage which, I have to agree with. I was pleased to find that after around 13 hours of wear and no touch up the Dermablend had stayed in place and allowed my bronzer, blusher and highlighter to also stay in place.

Dermablend is easy to apply but needs to be applied quickly as it sets rather soon. I found that applying with a foundation brush and blending with a Beauty Blender worked best for my skin. Vichy say that Dermablend leaves skin moisturised, supple and comfortable all day long with a mask-like effect. I found that my skin was left perfectly covered and flawless and all my blemishes and scars were hidden really well. Unfortunately, the product hasn't got on too well with my nose. I tend to get dry skin on the tip and sides of my nose which, the Dermablend enhances leaving my nose looking extra dry. I would advice thoroughly exfoliating your face and lips before applying Dermablend as the flawless finish can enhance dry skin and less we treated areas in a bad way.

The lack of variety in shades is a little frustrating with Dermablend. I know lots of people have struggled to find a perfect match. I've found that Nude - 25 is a perfect match for me when I've slightly tanned with Dove Summer Body lotion, without it can come up too orange. I've also found that the shade lightens slightly after it's set so if you're considering Dermablend, make sure you give a swatch time to set before you're totally put off.

Overall, I'm really chuffed with the results of using Dermablend and I think it might make it into my weekly favourites post. Although the dry skin is small issue it can easily be rectified by taking extra care of my skin and justifying a little splurge on a new Lush facemask don't you think?



  1. I'm so frustrated by Dermablend! I absolutely love the finish, the coverage and the lasting power - it's just too damn dark for me, even in the lightest shade, especially now we're heading into winter. I just found out The Body Shop sells shade adjusting drops though - dark and light, you mix them with any foundation to change the colour a bit. So, I'm thinking of investing in them and seeing if it helps!

    Misia xx |

    1. Let me know how that goes, it'd save loads of time in tanning if it could match my natural colour x