When Men smell nice with YSL

I'm very grateful to be with a man that makes an effort to smell nice. Last weekend we went on the hunt for a new man smell as the current bottle was rapidly running low. After almost pickling ourselves with every fragrance we could find in Debenhams, we accidentally stumbled upon L'Homme Libre whilst I was explaining how I need every shade of of every YSL lip colour in the world. As soon as this was spritzed, our noses sniffed the air like Bert when a packet of crisps is opened.

There is something about this scent that I can't stop sniffing. It smells fresh yet manly. The fragrance contains a mix of bergamont, pink pepper and patchouli (whatever that means) In a nutshell, it's just dead nice and I can't stop smelling Luke.

The packaging is interesting, I like it, I think it looks slightly more feminine that the majority of male fragrances out there and it looks pretty on my dressing table next to my collection of perfumes.

We bought the 60ml bottle for £50 but I have a feeling the 100ml will be bought when this one runs out along side every YSL lip colour known to man....I hope.



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