Fashion Fair UK

I was really excited to receive some goodies from Fashion Fair to sample. Fashion Fair was created in 1973 and is a brand dedicated to offering products that address the unique complexion needs of women of colour to help them "look and feel beautiful". I was really excited to discover Fashion Fair as the lack of variety of products available for women with darker skin has always been a bone of contention, the likes of Boots and Superdrug are filled with a plethora of every shade of white going, some are questionably even existing real life shades of white and the selection past 'almond' and 'dark almond' is slim or non-existant.

Being white myself obviously means that wouldn't be able to sample their foundation selection but I did receive a lovely selection of pink shade Lipstick, Lipgloss, Eyeshadow and Nail Lacquer. I was immediately impressed and slightly hypnotised by the boldness of the shades.

I first tested the Nail Lacquer, (is it just me that gives a nail lacquer higher expectations that a nail polish, like the work lacquer translates to indestructible?) I received the shade Sensuous Pink and although the colour is amazingly bold, I was a little concerned it would look a little too bold on me i.e tacky. I was surprised to find that once the colour had settled and dried it actually looks really nice, it's a bold pink with the teeniest hint of red that goes with my usual black/grey themed work attire and makes my nails look more well...done up. The formula is rich and creamy and glides on like a dream, my nails only needed one generous coat until they were completed and I was extra surprised with how quickly they dried. I've had the nail lacquer on my nails for four days now and there hasn't been any chipping, just general wear and tear (that's always more obvious with darker shades). 

The second sample I tested was the Lipstick again, in Sensuous Pink. I love a bold lip and this colour is right up my street, it's similar to a bolder Snob by Mac and perfect for taking a break from the compulsory plum and berry shades this season requires. The Lipstick is easy to apply and doesn't bleed out like non-matte shades can. It isn't any less drying than high end lip colours and lasts for a good half a day (always leaving a remanence of colour behind) but I like to top up my lips after lunch anyway.

I also received a Lip Gloss or, Lip Teaser as it's named also in Sensuous Pink. I'm not overly fond of glosses, I don't like the sticky residue they leave behind and they remind me too much of my lilac eyeshadow and dream matte mousse days. This one is as gloopy as most but I do kind of like the subtle sparkle and shine it leaves behind. It's perfect for those no make-up make-up days where you just want to glow like you've had avocado for breakfast when, in reality, you've just been to Maccies in your joggers for a McMuffin.

Finally I received this cute eyeshadow in the shade, Iced Blush. The sticking power of this stuff is amazing and on par with the likes of Urban Decay. The shade has a light shimmer and although it's not my personal preference for my eyes it is an amazing highlighter, the shade matches my skin tone perfectly and the subtly shimmer makes it ideal to highlight with.

I also really like the packaging of Fashion Fair products. The dark metallic shades make it stand out in any make up collection and all the packaging is secure, there's no lipsticks wandering free around my handbag (looking at you MUA). 

Fashion Fair is a great product and won't break your bank, it is available at a few Debenhams stores in the UK but can be ordered all over the place online, check them out here 



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