I like Cats

I really really like cats. Stray cats, smelly cats, bald cats rescue cats other people's cats but especially my cat that isn't really mine (he's my Mum's cat but I live with her and bribe him with dreamies to be mine). 

Charles Henry Fox is a very special cat. He's a black cat and as you can see he looks beautiful in selfies. Charles features a lot on my blog and social media accounts, he's in the inspiration behind my banner and likes to sit on the table when I write posts, I think this blog is a little bit his which, is why it's about time he had a whole post dedicated to him. 

I like cats because they're all a bit odd. No two cats are the same, they each have different characteristics and strange behaviours that, when you get a group of cat lovers together to talk excessively about their cats you find that everyone's cat is a bit weird which, I suppose, makes them normal. 

I like cats because they're blunt. You can sit and pour your heart out to cat (yes, I've done that) and they'll just stare back with that blank expression mentally telling you to that you're being dramatic and need to get a grip. When your cat chooses to cuddle you, you know that they want to, they're not doing it for you, they're doing it because they need a cuddle. When cats are done with your company they just walk away, they can do that and it's perfectly acceptable. 

I like cats because they're naughty. I secretly like it when the cat jumps on the dog's head when he's walking past (sorry Bert). I find it funny when the cat wraps his legs around our legs and bites us when he's hungry. I like it when he plays cat games on my ipad. I like it when he kicks cotton pads around my room. I hid my amusement when he chewed through the wire of the xbox head set. 

I like that my Mum rescued Charles. I like the fact that when he was a tiny kitten abandoned on the street by his previous owners someone bothered to rescue him, I like that my Mum then took him in. I like that he settled straight away and snuggled up with Bert. I like that him and Bert are still best friends. I like that Charles is extra cuddly because of the fuss he got as a baby. I like that he goes out to play but always comes home, I like that he likes being home. I like that when you call his name he meows back, I like that he knows all the warm spots in his home to snuggle up in. 

Most of all, I like that Charles was given a second chance and the life and love that he deserves. I love the fact that he knows this, he isn't remotely grateful, he isn't traumatised by what happened to him, he doesn't beg for food or love; he demands it and more often than not uses brute force. I like the fact that Charles knows his rights, he knows that animals have a right to love, care and a home and he reminds us that we are here to serve him and I wouldn't like it any other way. 

I really like my cat. 



  1. I feel just the same about my cat and the two I had before her. They have all been black, female cats and lthough most people think they look exactly the same I can tell which is which, they all had different mannerisms and vocalisations, and I love that you know when a cat cuddles you it's because it wants to cuddle you, it's like you feel a tad bit honoured!