Lest we forget

Remembrance Day is something very close to my heart, I think it should be something close to everyone's heart really. I come from quite a military family, my Grandfather, and his father and grandfather before him all served in the armed forces as well as my grandmother's father and grandfather, my father (who I have never met) and even Luke have all been in the armed forces.

I have had the pleasure of wearing my Great Grandfather's medals and marching with my Granddad in remembrance parades back in Crewe. My Granddad is an ex Royal Military Policeman and a member of the Royal Military Police Association. As a child we were always attending events, meetings, BBQ's and trooping the colour. I've spent many happy memories sitting on motorbikes and trying on uniforms in various army barracks.

I have also had the honour of attending the remembrance service at the Menin Gate in Belguim and touring the War Cemeteries and memorials and being on The Somme. This trip was particularly heart wrenching for me as my Great Grandfather was gassed on The Somme and lost half his stomach but, was one of the very lucky few to actually survive. Surprisingly, standing in such a beautiful, peaceful field, it wasn't hard to imagine the horrors and atrocities all serving soldiers faced during the war.

In this day and age it's easy, unless you're directly related to remember of those serving in the armed forces to remember them today. We don't have to ration our food or deal with the majority of the men in our lives being called away to war, being in the forces is a choice but an extremely brave and commendable one nonetheless.

Although we spend this day remembering those that passed away in previous wars I also think we need to remember those serving now, whether they be in war stricken countries or not, these brave men and women and dogs and horses are all defending our country and preventing us from facing the horrors our ancestors previously had to.

I think it's important to wear a poppy with pride and donate as much money as possible to the RBL, Help for Heroes and all other charities supporting our armed service men and women.

So, with all this mind I want to say a big thank you to all those serving in the Roayl Navy, Army and Royal Air Force.

Lest We Forget

The Menin Gate 

The Thiepval Memorial to those missing on The Somme

Frederick Fox and Joseph Fox (my Granddad and Cousin)



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