The Million Mask Fail

Heather, Illustrious and Quartz (Images taken from The Sun)

Bonfire night isn't a big deal for me, I've always found burning an effigy of a man on a huge fire a little macabre maybe that's because I was brought up catholic and can sympathise the Guy's issues, but regardless of what someone has done, that doesn't mean that years later we have to pretend we're shoving their corps on a fire. The second problem is fire works, I just don't like them, they look pretty but the noises make me anxious mixed with the crowds of people they attract means I stay in and pretend Bert needs calming down (even though he's not remotely bothered).

I expected to scroll through my twitter feed seeing practically the same photos of fireworks over and over but instead, I saw images of chavs in masks jumping all over police cars and horses looking startled and spooked which absolutely horrified me. Police and army horses are trained to remain calm and not be spooked or distracted by anything, these beautiful creatures hang out at rowdy football games and don't bat an eye lid, they casually stroll around the busiest streets in London (my mum gave one an apple on Oxford Street once).

After further reading, these disgusting incidents were a result of Anonymous, the not so anonymous anti-austerity movement that's becoming 'cool' to join when, in reality, they don't make much sense.

Anonymous' mask/symbol is that of Guy Fawkes, you know, the guy who wanted to blow up parliament because he wanted a catholic monarch and nothing to do with the economy. Hilariously, Anonymous were first seen wearing the Guy/Guido Mask at a protest against know...the religion.  Need I say more?

Students then decided to wear it during their marches against the hike in tuition fees, granted the increase is a nightmare and leaving students in more debt than they planned to be in but, you'd think you'd work your balls of at uni to make it worth it, not skip lectures to run around London wearing a mask shouting about the money that someone else (probably your grandparents and parents have already put into the state) getting spent on your future.

The Million Mask March took place in London on Bonfire night with crowds of people wearing the 'Guido' mask taken from the $150 million making film V for Vendetta to protest again capitalism - yep they wore a mask from a FILM to protest against CAPITALISM... did they meet at McDonalds beforehand and have a Costa coffee break half way through? Anonymous are also 'campaigning' (and I use the term loosely) against Austerity and the measures the government have put in place to save money. Lets take a closer look into Austerity and what it actually means....

This isn't the first time our country has taken Austerity measures to keep us all going. Post WW2 we were still facing austerity, rationing was going on well into 40's and early 50's. Bacon, fat, fuel, clothes, fruit, sweets were all rationed the crops had failed due to heavy rains so we weren't even producing enough food on our own. Did you see our Grandparents running riot in the streets wearing designer clothes and jumping on police cars? No, they got on with it. Mothers went hungry so they could feed their children. Sweets were actually a treat and no one bothered about wearing second hand clothes. Do you remember eating your first banana and wondering what it was? because my Grandma does. Freddos might have increased three times in price in recent years but at least there are freddos. No government is ever perfect, no one can get it right, someone always disagrees that's why there's opposing parties and someone always suffers so why shouldn't it be me, or you? The simple fact is, there isn't enough money for everyone and instead of injuring defenseless animals, harming police officers, causing thousands of pounds of damage that will cost us how about you go an do some good, volunteer in a homeless shelter, befriend a lonely elderly person or just don't hurt anyone!

Before you think about putting on a ridiculous mask and jumping on a train to London to chuck a firework at a horse have a chat with the old bloke outside Primark wearing his medals selling poppies and ask him what austerity truly means. 

I'd also like to take a moment in this post to send lots of love to Embassy, Quartz, Qwerty, Heather, Illustrious and Quixote and apologise on behalf humans.



  1. Fantastic post Issy.

    "how about you go an do some good, volunteer in a homeless shelter, befriend a lonely elderly person or just don't hurt anyone" - IF ONLY MORE OF US DID THIS.

    Couldn't agree more.

    One of my recent things I'm implementing within myself is when I dislike someone's behaviour or actions (which happens almost daily), instead of allowing the bad to over-run & drive me insane, is to properly focus on:

    "What good can I say about them?"
    "What do I like about them?"
    "Can I lead by example?"
    "What can I learn from this?"