I said yes

I've not posted for a long time because life has been pretty crazy and the past couple of months of 2015 have had some huge ups as well as downs that have either left me with no time for blogging or, no motivation.

This Christmas gave me the motivation to get back into doing what I love due to the amount of lovely presents a received that deserve some credit on here and one massive other thing that happened,

Luke asked me to marry him (and I said yes) 

He arranged for my whole family to come round to my Grandparent's house on Boxing day, asked my Granddad for my hand in marriage and went and bought the ring with my not-so-little cousin (who was on leave from the army). I don't have a Dad so asking my Granddad's permission and buying the ring with the closest thing I have to a brother was extra special and touching and just goes to show what a thoughtful and caring man I have the pleasure of spending the rest of my life with.

My ring is absolutely beautiful, unfortunately, due to my tiny fingers it's off to be re-sized and won't be back until early January. In the meantime, I have a much cheaper, pretend ring to wear.

I'm still in shock over it all, my Mum took some beautiful photo's and my cousin managed to film the whole proposal (I keep watching it) I am absolutely over the moon and forever grateful to have such a loving fiancé (can't stop saying that).



  1. Oh my gosh, that ring is gorgeous babe! Congratulations to you both <3
    With love, Alisha Valerie. x

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    1. Thank you! I'm counting down the days until its back from the jewellers xx