Magnifiying Mirror

For months I've spent most mornings moaning about the poor quality light in the house and have spent most mornings running to the loo at work to re-blend my make-up. I suffered contour nightmares and wonky dodgy coloured brows. Linda listened to all my moaning and presented me with the light-up magnifying mirror that has bumped my make-up to a whole new level.

This mirror has changed my mornings!

The light has three stages of brightness from December morning  bright to early evening getting ready to where was that stray eyebrow hair I spotted in the bathroom mirror earlier. The 5x magnifying takes a little getting used to as you see literally every poor and hair on your face which, isn't the best thing to view first thing in the morning (especially after a few glasses of wine the night before) It also means that you can't view the end result in full as you can only see each section of you face at once. However, this ensures that every part of your make-up is thoroughly applied.

I can finally say that I am happy with my brows, using the mirror has allowed me to fully understand where to apply powder and highlighter and the shape of my brows meaning that, for once, they match. This mirror has made me fall back in love with make-up, I feel like I can become more experimental and learn more as I go, it also works fabulously as a torch in the night when the electrician blew up all the lamps in the house.

The mirror runs off batteries and my genius of a fiancé bought me chargeable ones, the lack of cord means that I cart my beloved magical mirror around the house and apply my war paint as and where I please. Anyone with lighting nightmares should get one of these lifesavers and bask in the glory of perfectly blended foundation.



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