Memories of 2015 and Resolutions for 2016

With the start of 2016 hours away I thought I'd write a post of my favourite memories and achievements of 2015 and my resolutions and goals for 2016.

2015 Memories 

1. Starting a relationship with Linda and being treated like a proper princess 

2. Developing an addiction for Nando's 

3. Proving that hard work pays off by getting promoted at work 

4. Having the best holiday in Spain in June 

5. After a couple of years of being a chubster I got my weight down and am comfortable with my body 

6. Spending lots more time in Crewe with my cousins and little ones 

7. Developing badass letter writing skills 

8. Getting a good credit score 

9. Having an amazing Christmas with my family and Linda 

10. Getting engaged 

My resolutions and goals for 2016 are as follows: 

1. Start getting up earlier in the mornings, rushing around isn't fun 

2. Being super organised with the help of my filofax 

3. Find some abs and exercise once a week 

4. Save lots of money for our wedding 

5. Be nicer - kind words and smiles can make someones day 

6. Spend less time in front of the TV and more time outdoors 

7. Take part in Project 365 and stick to it 

8. Be more consistent with my blog posts 

9. Stay in touch with all my family 

10. Go out more - I'm such a hermit 



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