0.P.I All Stars

Apologies for my chapped finger :(

One of the gifts for Christmas from my lovely big cousin who loves make-up and beauty just as much as me Hey Lou was this cute mini O.P.I set with four perfectly festive shades. 

Love is in my cards - is the perfect go-to red shade, bright and bold enough to transition well into the summer months and a perfect match for my Barry M lip lacquer crayon in scarlet red (if you haven't tried these yet, get one) 

Guys & Galaxies - I didn't expect to like this shade but after application I think it's my favourite out of the set. The dark plumb shade is perfect for these colder months and helps me let my inner goth out without being a jet black. 

Is this star taken? - This shade is for my inner magpie, I was immediately attracted to the silver tone and added dustings of actual sparkle. It gives off a rainbow reflection when light shines on it that serves as a perfect distraction from.....*stares at sparkly nail*

Press * for silver - Umm, I don't get this one, not the shade but the name because it's gold, so why is it called that? Am I missing something? If so, please explain. Anyway, this colour, with it's gold tone compliments my Radley watch's rose gold tones which is a bit fab.

The formula of all the shades is perfectly and balanced and glides on like philadelphia on a warm toasted crumpet (I'm hungry) There's no sign of chipping (aside from my index finger that I smudged when trying to screw the lid back on). For anyone looking to sample some new shades I suggest having a look at these mini O.P.I sets for some inspiration!
After trying all these shades and being on a spending ban because w're due to move house I'm going to struggle trying to justify all these shades in full-sized pots but it'll be worth a try. Wish me luck! 



  1. I've had the mini opi nail varnishes, these colours are amazing! My ones are similar but it came with while as well. Great nail varnishes!
    Demi xx