Friday, 29 January 2016

Dear Rhiannon

Dear Rhiannon, 

You are the sensitive, shy and arguably overly emotional woman I have had the pleasure of knowing for the entire 25 years of my life and this is because I shacked up in your womb for nine months and became the biggest pain in the *ss you've ever known. 

I've decided to start writing to you on here because you already have drawers and boxes full of drawings, prayers love and apology letters I've written and made for you over the years (seriously you need to clear some of that crap out, finger painting was not my forte and I'm big enough to accept it now). I thought sharing some of our memories, thoughts and even arguments on here would be a perfect way to store our memories for our great grandchildren for now and many years to come (unless you pop it any time soon, which would ruin this whole idea so...well, don't, yeah.) and also, a good way of showing the truth behind a mother-daughter relationship. 

In 25 years, we've had some pretty amazing times as well as some shockingly shit ones, (none of which are my fault...right?) I just wanted to take the time to thank you for being you (is that cheesy enough?) You told me that when you realised that I was sqautting in your womb that you never wanted to be just a Mum, you wanted me to know you as a person. Well, Rhiannon...I think I know you bestest out of all the restest. I can read you like the little complicated book you are and the bond we have, no matter how fractured it seems to others is unbreakable and nothing will change that (no matter how many times we fall out). 

So my little pet lady, let's get some cheap wine and drink to the next 25 years. 

Cheers mate, thanks a lot. 




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