Newlook Glass Jar Candles

Newlook's homeware right? AM I RIGHT? 
Unicorn and rose gold's like blogger heaven. I've stopped walking over to the homeware section of my local shop these days because it's far too tempting. However, for christmas, my lovely cousin got me the Pomegranate and Passion fruit glass jar candle (what a star). I saved this candle specifically for when we moved into the flat (you have no idea how hard this was) I opened the box on Christmas Day to have a little sniff and my nose was hit with wave after wave of loveliness, I boxed it back up and hid it like it was some scented secret sent by the candle Gods. 

Anyway, this is our bedroom candle (we have a Yankee burner on almost none stop in the living room, thanks to another cousin) as well as smelling like heaven, the jar and even the box for that matter are delicate and elegant enough to look pretty on their own and are perfectly in keeping with my white and fresh bedroom theme. 

For £7.99 and an easy match for Yankee or even Jo Malone, why would you not want to buy one of these? and everything else in the homeware section, like this LED arrow plaque or these copper fairy lights  or this House block calendar  okay, I need to get off this site now. 

*hides bank card* 



  1. You know what I never really look in the homeware section of NewLook, I don't really know why, because whenever I'm in there, the bits and pieces really catch my eye. You've inspired me to start browsing the home decor and not just the clothes and shoes haha, I love NewLook I want to buy everything in there!! I love candles, I'm definitely going to look into the ones from NL as I didn't even know they did them! The one you have looks lovely, even the packaging (it's all about the packaging haha). xxx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky