Princess by Vera Wang

One my gifts from Linda at Christmas was Princess by Vera Wang, I love trying new scents and don't tend to stick to just once fragrance however, this could be a standard favourite in the collection.

This fruity-floral fragrance is said to evoke everything from the magical and the mystical to the fearless and fascinating...I'm not sure if the guys over at Boots have mistaken a perfume for a potion but either way that's a pretty cool sounding description. 

The notes (I still never understand how you get notes in perfumes) are as follows, "Sweet, tart aroma of delicate lady apples and dreamy water lily kissed lightly by golden apricot and mandarin meringue. This sweeps into a heart of ripe pink guava and the rare, coveted tahitian tiare flower, wild tuberose and dark chocolate. In the base, tempting vanilla chiffon and pink frosting are combined with precious amber and forbidden woods to wrap the fragrance in a mysterious air." - Boots 

Basically, It's a mixture of flowers, cake chocolate and woodland. Now, that doesn't sound too good but I promise you it does smell ah-may-zing and even though I'm not into perfume description clap trap there is something well, princessy about the whole scent. 

That princessy feeling may have something to do with the packaging I mean, just look at that bottle. If it didn't have Vera Wang on the bottle you could almost mistake it for something from a Disney store and that is never a bad thing. The cute crown lid makes me giddy every time I use it which, is multiple times a day because I can't get enough of smelling like a chocolate, wood, flower cake and it's super instagrammable on a dressing table - what more do you need? 



  1. That looks so pretty!! :) brilliant blog post, I love the little crown. So cute. Never tried this before & it sounds lovely XoX

  2. Love love love the packaging!! I've wanted to try this for ages it smells gorgeous, I recently got the glam princess one have you ever tried that xx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky