Ranting about Reality TV

I’m a complete sucker for reality shows; I get completely taken in by them but not to the extent where I idolise, look up to or, even relate to the characters on these shows. I tend to view them as other beings…creatures of pop culture that are put on TV for us to watch hurl abuse and attempt to construct complex sentences.

Although I’m not taking in any life lessons from these people, I’m sure there are younger girls and boys out there who are watching these programmes and thinking their behaviour is acceptable and, a reality which is not the case. My issue with these shows are the communication skills (or lack of) that all cast members of every show seem to use. This ideology of “If you’ve got anyfink to say, say it me face” it seems, in contrast to previous series of Big Brother and the like that has been fully embraced  and, to avoid the risk of being called “two faced”, a “sh*it stirrer” or a “game player” every one is saying everyfink to everyone’s faces resulting in people constantly hurling abuse across rooms to each other like there’s no tomorrow.

What happened to “If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” why is it ok to shout and scream in someone’s face? Why is it ok to insult people? More importantly, and what really baffles me, is why would someone want to scream and shout in someone’s face? Why would you choose hurting someone’s feelings on national television, causing tension in an environment that you’re sharing with other people and making yourself look like a complete twat over having a bit of dignity and not being a nasty fool?

I understand that all this drama makes for perfect TV and it’s what people want to see but are people viewing it because it’s so outrageously ridiculous or, are they watching it stoney faced trying to determine who is a game player amongst the torrent of abuse and screaming going on? Are we going to become a society where instead of  having civilized drinks we’ll be abusing our friends and voicing every single opinion and observation we have about someone? Because that’s not the kind of society I want to live in.

I’d much rather go back to my Grandparent’s era where people had decorum, self-respect and self-control. Hurling abuse at people wasn’t the norm. You could keep your opinion to yourself without being accused of being two faced and you didn’t have to say anyfink to anyone’s face.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that I would be a horrendous housemate on Big Brother, I wouldn’t have anything horrible to say, I’d get on with everyone and I’d have some self-respect….I’d be a game player and evicted in the first week. 



  1. I totally understand what you are saying but I'm sure all the times when things aren't said it is much harder to film hence outbursts are much easier to capture on camera. I still think your right hurling abuse at each other is becoming more and more normal.


  2. Really enjoyed reading this! I too wouldn't want to live in a society where we all shout abuse at people, I'm such a shy and quiet individual that when watching these shows I cannot relate in the slightest and it puzzles me how it comes out of people's mouths so natural. Hahaha I too would be crap at Big Brother and if definitely be the first to go due to how boring and quiet I am, I'd never start an argument! I hate confrontation xxx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky