Religious Discrimination.

When is it ok to discriminate someone for their religion?

I say never but apparently it's when you're catholic.  
I'm catholic, my whole family is catholic, I'm pretty poor at practising but that's ok because in my religion I can apologise and me and God are ok about it. I don't wear anything that makes my religious beliefs obvious nor do I constantly talk about as it's something that although I am proud and have nothing to be ashamed of, it equally isn't something that I need to mention all the time. 

Religion does however come up in conversation and sadly, when I mention I am Catholic, the response is very rarely positive. The main responses are "oh, so you're a left footer", "You're ok with child abuse then?" and "Did you go to Catholic school, bet you're a right little sl*g". 

Then there's the responses from those all-too-pround Atheists who say, "Do you actually believe in God", "You're and idiot" and "I have no time for religious people" The irony surrounding these atheists is their inability to keep their beliefs to themselves, I'm quietly Catholic, when I mention my religion I am then hounded with all the explanations under the sun of how God doesn't exist and why they don't believe in God, without realising, the non-religious person is becoming a preacher and trying to force their opinion on the person who doesn't feel the need to explain or justify their private opinions. Funny Right? 

I'm the first person to admit that many people have used and abused the catholic religion to commit heinous acts involving child-abuse, abused women and terrorist acts  but this is not a reflection of an entire community and for one will not apologise for something that someone else has done...which I have disgustingly been asked to before. Like I instructed Sinn Fein as a toddler. 

What really bugs me about all the abuse I get from people when I mention that I'm catholic is that these people aren't strangers, they're friends, colleagues, in laws and because of not wanting to cause a scene I take the abuse, laugh off the insults and sometimes beat them to the nun joke before they do. But why should I? Would these people walk up to a Muslim and tell them that their religion is bullshit? Would they personally blame them for ISIS? I mean C'mon, the IRA haven't kicked off for years so why am I still getting sh*t? 

I'm white and British so it's ok to take the p*ss out of my religion because it's very hard to call you a racist. It's very hard to defend myself without it getting heated and it's very hard to let you know how I really feel because you're supposed to be a friend but just so you know, when you called me a Bible Basher, Idiot or a fool I thought you were a d*ck...and I still do.



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