When I used nail glue as eyelash glue

This post was inspired by my answer to the first question in the #GirlGang chat

"what is the WORST advice you ever received? And did you take it?"

my response: 

"To use nail glue in lieu of eyelash glue, yes I took it and yes I thought I was blind"

It was a Saturday night and I was skint student trying to re-use my crusty clumped eyelashes from previous nights out. After fumbling around my make-up bag packed with dream matte mouse, two shades too dark obvs and the abundance of foundation stained, once clear Miss Sporty lip glosses I realised that I had lost my eye lash glue. 

I can't remember who, but some moron suggested that I used nail glue instead. Being the imbecile that I was, I thought nothing of this shoddy advice and after ripping the lid off the glue with a bit of force (that should've been a sign) I proceeded to smother my clumpy lashes with the nail glue whilst sipping on some Lambrini and singing along to Linkin Park. I applied the lashes to my eye and instantly felt the worst stinging sensation I have ever felt in my life. Imagine stabbing yourself in the eye with a mascara wand but instead of a mascara wand think of a machete, then imagine leaving the machete in there and pouring petrol in your eye then, setting your eye on fire before supergluing, and nailing it shut and then adding four chains with padlocks over your eye. That is how it felt. 

After the initial burning I  became light headed with panic, my eye was glued shut! My eye had started streaming (or trying to) due to the irritation and then due to my panic-crying. I danced around the room a bit reminding myself of how Gabrielle managed to style an eye patch and then tried opening my eye again. I heard and felt the ripping sensation as the skin started to separate - I could almost see!

I took a swig of Lambrini for dutch courage and ran to the bathroom, covering my eye with my hand in shame. I washed it with warm water - which, slightly loosened the glue or at least it felt like it did. I forced my eye fully open with some tweezers and felt like I was in a Saw film. Ironically I lost a fair few eyelashes in the process and after sitting on the loo wondering how I was ever going to make it to  be an independant adult I decided to brave the mirror....and it wasn't that bad. My St Moriz tan had streaked down my face resulting in my cheeks looking like I'd be run over by a fairy bike and I looked bladdered in one eye due to the redness but I could see!

I smothered my face in the afore mentioned dream matte mousse, stuck some mascara on the few eyelashes I had left and necked the rest of the bottle of Lambrini and I made it out! 
After almost blinding myself, I actually went out and, as far as I can remember, which isn't much, I had a good night. 

Since then, I've used false eyelashes once (with the appropriate glue this time) but can't wear them comfortably since sealing my eye shut. I haven't spoken about this awful event in depth before but as I got a few requests to share it on the chat I thought you might all like to enjoy a laugh at my idiocy. 



  1. I giggled at your answer in the chat, and after you said you would do a blog post on it I have been excited to read it! It sounds like it was a horrific and painful experience, one that would terrify me if the same happened to me!! Hahaha can't believe you went out after lol, true party animal there lol! XXXX
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. I'm still shocked I went out too, I barely go out at all these days xx

  2. Noooooo! Oh my.
    Wracking my brain now thinking got the worst advice I was given! Hmmmm.
    Great post!