When you rent from Satan

Going into a tenancy and renting somewhere for the first time can be a pretty daunting experience and I've noticed that a lot of people are unaware of their rights as a tenants, I think the idea that you're paying to live in someone else's property can make you feel as though your landlord can literally lord it over you but this isn't the case.

Unless you're in lots of arrears (over two months to be precise) you actually have more rights with regard to the property than your landlord. We see so many documentaries on TV featuring bad tenants and landlords trying to get people out of their properties that bad landlords tend to go unnoticed which, is a shame because I've seen a few friends and people I know suffer at the hands of landlords breeching tenancy agreements and tenants, because they're unaware of their rights backing down and losing money and their homes.

When renting a property it is advisable to always use an agency, even if your landlord is your best mate it's good to have a body in the middle in case things get nasty. If you are going through an agency and your landlord suggests you go through them directly for repairs etc. politely decline, get the most out of the extortionate admin fee that was paid when you applied for the property and always use the agents, that way a log is always kept of any communication and no one can lie and deny agreements were made.

Try and decipher the tenancy agreement, legal babble is genuinely another language, there are dictionaries for legal terms to prove this so don't feel like a dunce if you can't make sense of any of it but look for key points like, whether the property is fully managed by the agents - this means all repairs are the landlords responsibility (obviously not things like changing lightbulbs) but faulty electricity, floods and plumbing are all down to them and not you. If your landlord has provided you with white goods it is their responsibility to maintain them and remove or replace them when needed.


When reporting repairs and damages or,  having contact with your agents ask for things to be confirmed via email, that way you have a log of all correspondence that is handy if ever needed. Some landlords don't take kindly to being asked to maintain their property. If you have urgent repairs that are affecting the way you live in the properties you can seek external advice through your local authority. Write to your Environmental Health department with a list of repairs needed and evidence that you have gone through the agents and provided them and the landlord enough time to make the relevant repairs. Environmental Health will arrange and inspection and if they agree with your issues, your landlord will be issued with a schedule of works to complete.


A landlord has a right to issue a Section 21 of Notice to Quit as and when they feel if they want their property back with two months notice for you to leave. However, this notice isn't a formal eviction notice, that can only be provided by a court. A Notice to Quit is your landlord politely asking you to leave by a certain date and not a formal order. If you cannot leave you can request this be extended by your landlord or, you can play hard ball and take it to court. Just don't be a d*ck about it, not all landlords are demons. If your tenancy started after October 2015 and your landlord has given you a notice to quit because of reported repairs and they would rather kick you out than fork out, this could count as a Retaliatory Eviction and is illegal, make sure you check this out with your local authority. 

Quiet and Enjoyment 

Every tenant has a right to quiet and enjoyment of a property, this means that your landlord isn't allowed to access the property without your permission or, request access (even if they give 24 hours notice) if they don't have a valid reasons. You also have a right to object to house viewings all the time, if your landlord is selling or, you are leaving the property let the agents know certain dates and times that you can accommodate viewings, be reasonable. 


If your agents knob to head ratio is equal to that of your landlord's you can contact The Property Ombudsmen who can basically give your agents the mother of bollockings. Before you contact TPO formally write to your agents and give them fourteen days to respond to your grievance, if they don't, formally write to TPO and follow their advice. 

For the love of God make sure that your deposit is kept in a safety deposit account and remember, that if an inventory is not performed on the property and you are not in arrears you have to get your deposit back in full.

Stay Strong 

Finally, if your landlord is Satan, stay strong. Landlords can be nasty people. It seems the status of owning a property can get to their heads and they think they're invincible. Do not engage in any confrontation and record everything. Stick it out, even when it gets unbearable, karma bites everyone in the *ss, whether you own a property or not.

I in no way claim to be qualified to give legal advice - all information provided is through personal experience. 
Secondly, not all landlords are douche bags. To you good ones out there...peace and love!



  1. I don't know why I laughed. But I did. Oh gosh, this makes me so nervous about the future when I have to rent an apartment eventually. I don't know why but it's just soo scary! Hahaha! <3

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'


    1. Haha bear in mind that this post is based on worst case scenarios. As long as you read your tenancy agreement and know your responsibilities as well as your landlord's you'll be fine xx

  2. This is a really good post. I rented a place from the local council before I bought this house I'm in so I didn't really have any problems although a lot of friends have - I feel like this post should be widely shared xx

    Moany Mouse | Scottish Lifestyle Blog

  3. YAY I found the blog post you that you were referring to on the twitter chat earlier! It was an interesting great read! Our problem is the letting agency we have asked to get a small dog and we wrote a really nice email explaining we love our property and very house proud and explaining we would cover insurance etc for any damages. Im pretty sure the agency hasn't even passed it on to the landlord although we asked them to they just came back with a NO! now we are not sure to send the letter the landlord explaining we not sure if he every received if of the letting agency! ( i think the agency can't be bothered mainly as we have even offer to pay a deposit just incase of issues regarding the pet) ARGHHHH sometime renting is so much hassle!


  4. I have to privately rent due to some issues with a previous evil boyfriend, who was extremely controlling and got me in loads of debt so I fail credit checks now. The first property I rented at 20 was awful. I saw it advertised at work and they said I was fine to gave any pets I wanted (I already had two dogs) as long as I paid damages... fine by me. After only a few weeks the landlord constantly let himself into the house when I wasn't there (and once when I was in bed and tried to get in the bedroom - it was locked). My two dogs were crated as they chewed and I decided to get a dog that was house trained as a guard dog... I got a text saying please can I keep her in a cage as well as his wife was scared of dogs and wouldn't be able to get in the house. They never gave me notice when they were coming round and once when I refused to open the door, a large man tried climbing through the window and threatened me to open to door. Absolute disgrace and I quickly moved out and didn't get my deposit back. I never got a copy of my contract or receipts for the rent I paid. Towards the end they also said I wasn't allowed anyone to visit the house. It's one of the things I have to deal with as I can't go through an agency when renting as I will fail the credit checks even though I work full time and get full funding for my university course. Sorry for the long rant, it just all came flooding back when I read this post!