Saturday, 13 February 2016

Contouring with Bourjois and Collection

I woke up this morning and managed to get made-up and dressed by 11am, this is a Saturday record for me. Usually I'm plastering slap on during a race against the day light only to spend the rest of the day in my dressing gown over my clothes watching Bob's Burgers and drinking coffee on the sofa. Today was different, I needed to battle through the loved up crowd in town to get something for Linda for the big V-day tomorrow. Before I'd even made it out of my schnauzer slippers (thanks Newlook) Disaster srtuck! I looked in the mirror to find that my usually perfectly applied powder contour with the help of Makeup Revolution (I still love you guys) had gone all scaly on my massive forehead. 

My skin is being a nightmare at the moment, from erupting in greasy mountain sized spots last week to turning into some crusty dandruff faced lizard today. I tried smothering some last minute moisturiser on my face before getting out of the front door with my hood pulled securely over my head..and forehead. Thankfully,  it was raining so I didn't look like a guilty drug dealer with my furry parker hood hiding my identity - thanks Mother Nature. 

With my crusty face in mind, I decided it was time to have a shop around for something to liquid contour with (I can't not contour now or I feel like I look like the moon from the Mighty Boosh without it) in the affordable heaven that is Superdrug, my eyes had the pleasure of noticing that Bourjois are having a buy one get one half price sale #winning I immediately began swatching all the foundations and decided that 123 perfect was creamy enough to satisfy my flakes and, that those wondrous correcting pigments could hide the red marks left from those pesky spots last week. The coverage is perfect for my skin and looks as though I actually have some foundation on but it's not cakey at all. The yellow, purple and green pigments in the formula have hidden my spot blemishes as well as my eye bags and overall brightened my complexion. 

To highlight, I got the radience reveal concealer. As well as being a general concealer for covering up harder to hide blemishes, the formula also consists of an illuminator that really brightens up under the eyes as well as cheekbones and the T-zone. Finding a liquid foundation is disturbingly hard in Superdrug, guys, people do have skin darker than Warm Beige ya know! It's difficult for a pasty white girl to find a shade dark enough to bother contouring with, god help a black girl looking for base. Anyway, I found Collection colour match in shade 6 entitles Golden that just about does the job. 

When contouring with liquid shades I tend to use small dabs and dots of the products in the correct areas to ensue I don't go over board, I also find dabs and dots are easier to blend with some intense beauty blender dabbing rather than using a brush that can just unsettle my base. 

Once applied, I noticed that my skin didn't look half as dry as it was before and the nice glow from the concealer mixed with the darker contour actually blended really well with the 123 foundation. 

Prices and Shades:

Bourjois 123 Perfect in Beige no 54  £10.99

Bourjois Radience Reveal Concealer in Ivory no 01 £7.99

Collection Colour Match Foundation in Golden no 6 £3.99 (I can't find it online)

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