Sunday, 21 February 2016

Here's to Adventure

Part of being a good human is all about giving back and I was so proud of myself when for the fist time ever, I was able to to pay and book a 4-day trip to Rome for me and my Mum. As we all know I come from one of those single-parent families, and not the kind where Mum gets a little of bundle of CSA every month, the kind where if my Dad walked past me in the street we wouldn’t recognise each other.

It’s not fair to say that My Mum did it all on her own because she didn’t, we have a massive supportive family, and always help each other out. My Mum did always take me away on her own though, we’ve travelled all the way around Europe together since I was little which, must’ve been pretty daunting, being alone in another country and responsible for a little human. Also, kids are boring, My Mum must’ve been bored out of her mind some days trying to keep me occupied when all she probably wanted to do was sit outside a café drinking wine of an afternoon. Well, I made up for this, and we spent the last afternoon of our trip in Rome sitting outside a beautiful café in a side street sipping wine and watching the world go by.

It’s funny how times change, the last time I was in an airport with my Mum, I didn’t have a clue or care about gates, check ins and baggage. This time around, I was the one showing her paperless check-ins, sorting out the baggage label and taking her through to the departure lounge. We had the most wonderful time in Rome, exploring the city (walking three miles to get there) popping into every church we passed, touring the Vatican, being in the actual Sistine chapel, hearing the Pope, going to mass, staring in awe at the Sephora shop and watching my Mum phwaaaaor at every policeman, soldier or swiss guard that passed.

We ate pasta, bruschetta, ant-pasti and drank wine and coffee. We laughed at silly things and slid across hotel room floors, go-garted around a park and saw parrots in the trees. We lit candles, took prayer cards, bought Rosary beads and boyed off street sellers. We laughed at ruins, wondered at buildings and smiled at Nuns, we confessed, cuddled, photographed and walked for miles.

I had the best adventure with my pal and cannot wait for many more to come.

Here’s to us and here’s to adventure.



  1. That sounds amazing. I would love to be able to take my mum on holiday, it is great being able to do things for them y'know cause they gave us life and all!
    Looks like you had an amazing time x

  2. aww this looks like fun, cuties x


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