Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Newlook Nails

I've mentioned before that I'm really surprised with Newlook's beauty products and I've genuinely accidentally been buying nail colours every time I go and buy something. I've started to develop a small collection without realising and thought it was about time I justified my accidental spending by sharing them on here. 

The four shades I have are; Pink, Candy Pink, Khaki and Deep Red. 

Pink is a shade that brought out my inner magpie, pink with rose gold glitter, how anyone has resisted buying this is beyond me. It's easy to apply with the standard chunky sized Pure Colour brushes. The consistency is nice and smooth yet thick meaning that you only need 2 coats to get good coverage. As with all glitter polishes you need a good sturdy top coat to avoid chipping and, as always, you need an evening free and plenty of nail polish remover to get it off. Once dried, the colour stays a nice subtle pink with plenty of gold sparkle to twinkle away. 

Candy Pink is a matte shade and probably the one that I'm least impressed with, sorry Newlook, I love the candy shade and it's the matte-est? (new word) shade I've seen on any polish but guys....the chipping. It broke my heart that it lasted a mere 24 hours and I hadn't even done anything. However, maybe, just maybe, there's a chance that I just bought a dodgy bottle and have to go and buy another shade y'know...just to be sure?!?

Deep Red has been the Winter shade, the berry, burgundy, red shade has is perfect for those colder months and goes amazingly well the Pure Colour lip colour in burgundy, check it out here  again, two coats is all you need to create these warm classic tones on your nails. 

Khaki has been a more recent buy and one of my favourites due to its uniqueness. There is no other way to describe the shade other than standard British Army Khaki with a hint of shiiiiine I love wearing this shade with a white top and baby pink lip to show off the green tones of the shade. As with Deep Red, the staying power is ah-may-zing. 

Newlook Pure Colour nail polishes are a bargainous £2.99 which, although it sounds cheap, really isn't when you can't not pick one up in the queue and they've just gone and released a Pure Gel collection...FML. Bye wages...cya later mate. 

Have a nosey at all the pretty colours over here 

Apologies for the bad skin but it's actually my ay off hand modelling *sassy girl emoji*


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  1. I love that you "accidentally" bought them. I never wear nail polish because it only lasts an hour before it chips... So I gave up with them! These colors are nice though x


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