Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Palmers Natural Bronze Spray Edition

Now that the UK  is getting all this lovely warm weather ahahaha ha ha haaa, I decided it was time start having a bit of colour to my skin. Ok, the truth is, I wanted to add a subtle tan, I always feel better when my skin is a little bronzed, I feel as though I look healthier like I've been outside and not stuck indoors staring at my Ipad watching Making a Murderer for 10 hours. 

Anyway, rather than go for my usual Dove Holiday Skin - or whatever it's called, I thought I'd give Palmers Natural Bronze spray moisturiser a bash. If the question involves smelling like chocolate then the answer will always be yes!

The only criticism I have with this is that it costs a bankrupting £7 yep, seven Great British Pounds. I mean Palmers, c'mon guys, seven quid..you mad? Well I was to buy it although (I pray) it was on offer at the time - It was a payday treat. 

This stuff hits those three bullet points on the tin, the tan is natural looking, I don't look like Snookie circa 2010. The coverage is genuinely even and not Garnier Ambre Solaire even because, we all know their definition of the word isn't the Oxford Dictionary's version...am I right? It's also amazingly fast at absorbing, spray-it-on-flap-around-for-a-few-seconds-then-jump-in-PJs fast and that, is my kinda fast. 

If I was rich, I'd by this again. I've used it about twice a week for two weeks now and am dead impressed with the results, I've been so lazy that I've not even taken the care to rub it once I've sprayed it but I've still had an even tan. It's the perfect lazy girl tan but that lazy girl needs to have a job and bloody good wage and high credit score to keep splurging out on this stuff. 

As with all self-tanning products, exfoliation is the ket to not ending up with a crusty neck and elbow creases, no one wants to see that so keep on top of that you should have a healthy glow rather than look like a patchy terracotta hoe....


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