Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Aloha Lola Cards

My line of work has given me a great insight into small businesses and the chance to meet the people behind the brand. I try as much as I can to support small businesses in Bedford, there are so many amazing restaurants and coffee shops as well as independent shops that you can buy amazing products from whilst helping out your local community.

With this in mind, I’ve decided I want to use my blog to help promote small businesses, my blog is in no way popular enough to work with big brands but I’ve had some brilliant small companies work with me and I’ve valued helping them out with getting their names out there much more than I have when I’ve worked with (on a few occasions) the bigger brands. I won’t lie, I would love be part of the Benefit Blogger crew and get personalised makeup as well as join in on the Starbucks bandwagon but, there are so many amazing and quite rightly so, bigger blogs out there promoting these brands, I feel like I want to start helping those who need it more.

For example, the amazing girl that is Claire over at Aloha Lola Cards makes the most beautiful cards, as well as blog banners, key rings and caricatures. A  while back Claire offered to design some quick caricatures, free of charge on twitter, I was really impressed with mine and how quickly she got them done.

For Mother’s Day, I didn’t think twice about ordering a card from Aloha Lola Cards, I knew that Claire would design exactly what I had in mind but add her own Aloha Lola style that is what makes her designs stand out. I’m really chuffed with the high quality of the card and how cute it looks. I was too excited to wait until I posted the card to my Mum and showed her on Facetime so I could write a post about it straight away. Personally, I think Claire should charge more for her cards because they’re so good but she practically gives them away at £3.10 with £1 for postage and packaging.

One of the special touches that Aloha Lola Cards has that other personalised card companies don’t is that she lets you to see a preview of the design before it’s printed but more importantly, make any amendments if you need to (which, you probably won’t because she’s so bloody good.) So, next time you think about getting a personalised card from a huuuge business, try and remember Aloha Lola Cards….you won’t be disappointed. 


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  1. Aww I keep meaning to go back to the store, I always have a browse and then leave when I'm not sure what to order! I love what I've seen so far though. I also love that you're promoting small businesses, it's a great idea! I love small, independent business and ones with personality. I always shop at them when I can. Also, I'll keep you in mind for mine ;) xx


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