Wednesday, 16 March 2016


The lovely Francesca from Fran's Beauty Blog (see here) tweeted 'Just remember guys - no body posts the shit side of life on Instagram' and this got me thinking about Instagram and how true this statement is on a shallow level as well as a much deeper one. 

There's so many blog posts about organising your Instagram, having themes and gaining likes and traffic that it's easy to forget how every single aesthetically pleasing, perfectly themed, flawless faced grid we look at has a person behind it who has shit days, rubbish skin at times, a messy room and definitely does not avocado for breakfast every single day. 

I decided to create #AlternateGram and show you crappy, not so glamorous or photogenic sides of my life that would mess up my grid and 'theme' and certainly wouldn't get any likes. Starting from left to right: 

1. That lovely fluffy white dressing gown you see me in sometimes on IG - I can guarantee you that somewhere at some point in the week, it will have a suspicious looking foundation stain on it somewhere. 

2. Yeah, I have Quinoa and loads of veg but I also have a cheap pizza from Lidl and dip my crust in mayo. I also tend to only manage to eat 3/4 and sometimes it gets left on the kitchen side for the wash up fairy AKA Luke to clean up. 

3. Here's a pile of all my clean yes, clean washing that I did over the weekend, forgot to put away and slung on the floor on Sunday night before I climbed into bed in a slight state of depression for Monday morning....I should probably do something about that.

4. My Tuesday evening OOTN was some leggings and a hoodie. I can't even tell you the last time the leggings were washed. 

5. You can get 20 tampons for £1 in Tesco - what a bargain!

6. My hair was literally like this for 24 hours, I woke up like dis and I went to work like dis and I came home and dis, 

7. My contour was on point but you won't believe the amount of puss that came out of this spot. Sexy right?

8. Ultimate pamper night. #bbloggers 

9. Y'know those cute shoes I Instagrammed last week? Yeah? Well look at my heel now! 

So, for anyone who is getting all het up over their theme not being right or, getting sad about the fact they don't have the motivation to make avocado every day or, have the perfect background for photos or are maybe a little bit sad that they don't get enough likes just to have numbers showing, remember that our Instagram accounts are just the good side of our lives. They're the best, perfectly posed, filtered and adjusted snapshots of how we want our lives to be 24/7 and everyone, everyone stains their dressing gown, gets spots and doesn't brush their hair at least once in their life or week.

What images would you share on #AlternateGram ? I think I might make this a monthly thing and photograph the worst parts of my month and share them on here. I mean, they can't go on my Instagram...they'd ruin my feed. 


  1. haha love it! It's a great idea really. It should be a monthly thing x


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