Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Happy Cats are the best Cats

Cats are such independant sassy little divas. From the blank stares they give us when we sit blinking at them (because apparently that's how they show trust) to the way we coo their names in the highest pitch because it's the best way they hear yet, they turn their heads away in disgust. The way they go about their daily lives and only call on us for food and the occasional ear scratch and the way they will deliberately walk away from us if we sit near them. With all this attitude it's very easy to forget the ways in which they do need us.

As most of you know, Charles, the handsome chap featured in my blog header and scattered across my Instagram grid is the feline love of my life. The thing is, I'm kind of living a lie with Charles because he's not technically mine. His heart belongs to his big brother Bert the Border Terrrier and he's the love of my Mum's life. My Mum and I don't live together anymore and it's one big love triangle...or square? At the moment, Charles is living with me and Luke whilst Bert and My Mum wait for the keys for their new house. Charle's is a proper tom-cat (I don't even want to know how many girlfriends he has). When we all lived together he would be in and out of the dining room window (even though the door was open) all day long and would even have cat pals literally calling at the door, sometimes I'd bump into him on my way back from the shop (naturally he would make out he'd never met me). 

Charles has had a bit of a lifestyle change recently which gets me to the point of this post (I promise), he's gone from being the tough-nut alley cat with a crew of kitties to, a house cat. Our flat is on the first floor and it's not practical to let him out to play when we can't guarantee he can get in safely and, he's only here temporarily. Luckily, Charles isn't used to going out here and he doesn't have any pals to play with so he's not asking to go. However, this doesn't mean he's necessarily happy, cats can't tell us when anything is wrong but there are lot of tell-tail (see what I did there) signs to look out for when wondering about your kitty's wellbeing. 

A change in your cat's eating habits - over eating and refusing to eat
Sleeping more than the average 18 hours a day
Not sleeping at all
Withdrawing from the world - Hiding in unusual places
Humping, anything and everything
Generally looking a bit p*ssed off (may be harder to spot for those grumpy cats out there)
Before we decided to move Charles into our flat, we were popping in on him at the old house and letting him out and feeding him. We noticed that his behaviour was changing, he was more clingy and it got harder  leave him after every visit. After weighing up the pros and cons of moving him here we decided that we would rather have him face the change of staying here for a while than be lonely at the old house. With our Landlord's permission we moved him in and, the brave little man adapted amazingly considering. He found his litter tray straight away and always uses it. He is eating much better than he was when he was alone (we noticed he was barely eating and he had been sick a couple of times) and, he was much more sociable and snuggled on the sofa with us and came to bed. 

I kept a close eye on him to make sure he was as happy as he could be and noticed that he was showing some signs of boredom/depression. He started humping the throw on the sofa and was also becoming very active at night time when he usually sleeps. I soon realised that this was more than likely due to boredom and made sure we got some toys to keep him occupied and when he decides to climb on my laptop and headbutt me, I make sure I take the time-out to give him a proper fuss. I also try to initiate play with him as often as possible. There's not much to explore in our flat and Charles is loving being chased around, killing my dressing gown cord, slippers and feet when I walk past.

I suppose my point is, that no matter how much they ignore us when we want their attention, when they want ours its so important to give them what they need because it turns out..they need us more than they think they do and it's our duty to give them all the love and care they want, when they want...even when we're on the loo or are in the middle of eating. 


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  1. I had a cat called Boots. She loved me until she grew up,met another cat and moved in with him. Not even joking, she left us and moved in with the other cats family... She used to come back and visit but wouldn't let us go near her incase we made her stay!
    Your cat is so cute, like a teenager that doesn't need you when his friends are around x


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