Friday, 11 March 2016

Positivity Positivity Positivity

Urgh, you ever go through those phases where you just end up in a miserable funk? I do, the ones where no matter how many solutions to the problem Luke comes up with, I will be determined that it is the actual end of the world and nothing can be fixed; I tend to add some extra sassy attitude with a pinch of sarcasm in there too, just to make sure he doesn’t want to talk to me. Then, I can continue lying in bed feeling woeful.

Negative thoughts leave to negative attitudes. I’m not one of these arty-farty types that’s going to start rambling on about peace and love, but I do like peace and love. When I’m lying in my pit feeling sorry for myself, I am going to look and be treated like a sorry mess. Ending a full-blown pity party can be a tough process, especially when you’re in full swing of your wallowing. These are a few ways in which I shut down the party and get myself back on top.

First off, is the shower – and it has to be a shower for full optimal positive boost because it’s too easy to wallow in a bath. Whilst metaphorically scrubbing the bullsh*t that as got my down off my body and down the drain I think of ways in which the situations isn’t as bad as I thought 12 hours ago when I dove headfirst into my pillow into a sulk…”I might have broken one nail but I still have nine others” It’s also the place to think about all things I have to be grateful for, all those little things that make my world happy and shiny. 

The next step is to not play the victim, I could’ve been ‘victimised’, whatever got me down might not have been my fault but, either way, continuing with this mentality doesn’t get me anywhere. Harbouring negative thoughts and feelings only lead to further negativity, as Taylor would say, shake it off. Choose to be positive, choose to move on and choose to forget. 
Accept that nobody is perfect, if I’ve made a mistake, move on and learn from it. You can’t learn from your mistakes if you’re too busy dwelling in the consequences.

I’m a bit of a control freak and when I fall into self-pitying strop I feel like I’ve lost control, my way of regaining control is to tidy and clean ‘tidy home, tidy mind’ or however it goes. Once my environment / home /den is in order, I immediately feel a boost in my happy levels.

Finally, do whatever you can to fix the problem, if it's a fight, start fighting. If it's trivial let it go. Do something for yourself. I like to write, or read, or watch a Disney film and eat sweets. Spending time with Luke laughing at him (because he's dead funny) or going for a long walk. 

The point is, negativity is a choice and a pretty daft one at that, if something knocks you down, get back up, if you can't get up just yet, close your eyes, take a deep breath and thing about all the things that make you smile and you'll find yourself right back up without even realising. 



  1. I have those days, where you just want to stay in bed and feel sorry for yourself. But , as you say, it's good to get up and get doing things to make yourself feel better. I usually put some music on too, that always helps.
    I hope you're feeling better now! xx

    1. Music is always good too, blasting some happy songs out can immediately boost your mood xx

  2. Hey! I saw your tweet about this post on #SocialBloggers and had to check this out. I NEEDED THIS! I write humor... And I got in a breakup and suddenly, humor wasn't fun anymore. I've been struggling with (not negativity... but I would call it) a cloud. But you're right. It IS a choice. And I've already cleaned my room and taken a shower and now it's time to just get up.

    Thank you for this post.

    Humor & Lifestyle //

    1. Awww I'm glad this helped. i find just getting back into your usual routine and taking baby steps and doing simple things like just showering can make the world of difference. I hope you've got back into the swing of things, I loved your recent post on your levels of insanity throughout the day, it cracked me up xx


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