Friday, 18 March 2016

Sexting and Young People

I read an article last week in the Daily Fail about Sexting among teenagers and children becoming normal. The CEOP have reported that a case of sexting among teens and children is reported every day. This got me thinking about the future and the extra dangers that my children will face as technology and social media give us the opportunity to become well, more sociable.

It doesn’t surprise me that teenagers are sexting (sexting is sending explicit messages and or indecent images) young people are influenced by adults and we (as in my generation) are the ones that really went full force with social media and messaging, I remember back in the day when texting ment sending msgs wv evryfing spelt wrng n letters missin coz it took 2 long 2 txt I never in my wildest dreams imagined that we would be able to text in complex sentences, let along kinky ones.

A lot of young people sending sexts are unaware that even though they are underage themselves, they can actually get in serious trouble for sharing indecent images and, could be placed on the sex offenders register. However, this doesn’t seem to have become a deterrent with young people classing sexting as normative behaviour amongst their peer group and society as whole.

I remember in year seven when I hadn’t kissed a boy, my peers kept calling me a Fridge (short for frigid) Fridge was the actual legit term for someone who hadn’t got off (that’s what we called snogging) with someone. I was quite shy, I mean I hadn’t even started shaving my legs. I had a boyfriend (because you kind of needed one) sometimes, I said Hi to him the corridor anyway, the girls used to arrange for me to meet him outside the music block to get off during lunch, I don’t know if they were going to watch or what but I always bailed and made out I had detention or somewhere else to be, (My first kiss was obviously outside the Geography block duuuh) My point is, that’s as far as peer pressure went in my day when it came to sex and relationships.

I can’t imagine the pressure young people are under these days to have a sexy selfie, send smutty messages and nudes. It makes me think how secretive people can be when pressuring others too with private messaging and all that malarkey. I thought being called a Fridge was pretty bad but that was in the open and only in school hours, I never received that pressure in the comfort of my own home, children can be safe in their rooms getting pressure on Whatsapp to expose themselves in a way that they don’t want to and more importantly, legally aren’t allowed to.

I honestly don’t know how I’ll tackle social media and a teenager when I have one. I’ll probably be hated for a good few years. Being an avid user of all the social apps, I know the dangers and the issues and don’t know how I would’ve coped with all this freedom that social media has given society back when I was a teenager. Bebo and MSN was enough for me. I think I’ll be that strict Mum that wants passwords to every single social media account but it’s hard to give young people the privacy and responsibility they need to grow into mature young adults but also make sure they’re safe and not taking the p*ss.

Either way, I think we should be less shocked that children have fully embraced social media, they are the future after all, and focus more on protecting and educating them on how to use it responsibly. It kind of makes you think about Kim K and her nude, although it was empowering and all that, we need to make sure young people aren’t twisting that and thinking they can empower themselves that the same way. If we have a teenager who wants to empower herself with nudes I’m sure Luke and I would be taking away most of her freedoms, first being a phone and a mirror. 

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  1. Back in school I was called frigid too because I was too shy to even really know much about 'snogging' or even going out with other guys. And for the future maybe social media may have died out and there will be a new craze for all the kids but who really knows but I'm pretty sure that many of us will be strict parents after seeing what goes on in our generation when it comes to nudes/sexts. I totally agree with you I think that there are other ways teens should feel empowered if that is what they are trying to achieve, and not to feel so pressured to be ready to do all of that stuff when in reality they probably aren't.

    This piece was really refreshing to read on a blog. I really enjoyed it Issy. Have a lovely Saturday evening girlie.

    Shannon, x


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