Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Why you gotta be so rude?

It seems that these days, to avoid a barney on twitter you have to stick to tweeting about outfits and makeup to stay out of the shit storm. For some reason, a lot of us (this included me up until a few weeks ago) seem to have forgotten our manners. I don’t know about you but in real life I’m not remotely confrontational, a guy approached Luke and I at the weekend to ask us not to park where we were, he was quite annoyed and as he was walking up to the car I had butterflies in my tummy and anxious feelings as to where this conversation was going to go – turns out the bloke was all bark and no bite like me and passive aggressively asked us to move, we politely obliged and called him a d*ck when we were half way home rather than have a stand up row in the street.

Imagine this situation in twitter. We’d have ended up toing and froing, attempting to put the other down in 140 characters each time with some indirects in between and a load of other people jumping on the bandwagon, it could’ve gone on for days or, died down in a matter of minutes. Either way, it seems that twitter has forgotten it’s manners or at least, shortened it’s fuse by half.

I’ve read lots of similar posts recently about the blogging community not being so warm and fuzzy anymore and everyone being at each other’s throats on twitter. I’ve found that you can post one opinion and within seconds you have someone practically jumping on you with their counter-argument, there’s no debating or polite discourse, it’s literally a case of “you’re wrong and therefore stupid now try and prove you’re right whilst I continue to tell you you’re stupid” Seriously, guys, why are we getting so het up about tweets? Do we not have bigger things to be stressing over?

A lovely blogger tweeted at the weekend about how small our circles would be if we only communicated with people who had the same standards, values and beliefs as us. This couldn’t be a truer statement to make. It’s OK to be OK with someone who has a different opinion to yours (obviously this depends on the opinion e.g. racism will never be OK but I can be pals with a Vegan and eat meat myself) The thing is, none of the people I follow on twitter have harmful opinions that make me need to block / unfollow them. Plenty of people tweet things that I disagree with but I don’t feel the need to have a ding-dong with them over it. I’m sticking to a new rule of treating people on social networks as I would in person, this means running away from confrontation and simply ignoring things I don’t agree with. I’d much rather tell someone I like their blog / Instagram / pictures than tell them their thoughts are bullshit and make them feel like crap for expressing themselves.

So, from now on, if I tweet / post something you don’t like and you get all cyber-hulk on me, don’t expect a response because I’m a wimp and your aggression is scary plus, debating is having a conversation with someone about varying opinions not, telling them they're stupid and attempting to change their mind because even if you’re as nice as pie, a few tweets won’t change someone’s views anyway.


  1. This is a great post!
    I definitely try to avoid confrontation and such on twitter, I guess because of that I'm not exactly vocal about my opinions on stuff (mostly because I don't like it when people get angry at me!) so I totally understand how you feel on this!
    It shouldn't really be that way though. I often see people tweeting things I don't agree with and I just read it and scroll on because one person's opinion on a subject doesn't affect my life and I don't intend on changing another person's view as I don't intend on letting other people change my view!

    Jasmine | http://kkochsongi.blogspot.com/

  2. I am pretty new to the twittersphere so have yet to see any major dramas but I would just try and stay out of it x


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