Pretty Bed Linen

If you're a regular visitor to these parts of the interweb you'll have probably have noticed that the bedroom of our home is my little haven, Luke tends to stay in the living room where his beloved Xbox is whilst I while away the hours, blogging, listening to music, binge watching series' on Netflix, pampering myself and napping which, brings me around nicely to the point of this post..

Bed Linen

Bed Linen is an ongoing conversation in our relationship; Luke would like to have novelty print sets with minions or love hearts and Spongebob whereas I like light coloured bedding. In keeping with the white furniture in the room, I like to keep the bed linen white or cream and add pops of colour with various accessories around the room (like the Adventure Time Happy Meal toys, or the Lemon tree in the window).

The downside of having white bed linen is how easily gets dirty - preparing for the occasional fake tan means preparing for tanned sheets; Coffee in bed can also result in stained sheets, as well as general makeup stains and foot prints (don't ask).

Light bedding doesn't last as long as other bedding sets may - no matter how carefully you wash it or, how high the quality is, it'll need replacing sooner than others - Luckily, I've found that bed linens at The Yorkshire Bed Linen Co. can fund my cream bedding obsession - providing double fitted sheets for a bargainous £9.99.

Primark are also a good source for pretty bed linens, the set in the image below was around £16 in last years' collection, Primark always display  matching accessories such as throws and cushions near their sets that just make resisting buying them that tiny bit harder.


I'm one of those people that, no matter how high the temperature is I  need to be under a duvet, this can be quite stressful when, during the hot summer nights you find yourself thrashing in and out of the duvet. The material of your bed linen makes a huge difference in the summer months - Egyptian Cotton and other natural materials are most breathable, allowing you to have a cool night's sleep without monsters tickling your feet (we all know that's why you like to stay covered). The Yorkshire Bed Linen Co. offer 100% cotton sets for extremely reasonable prices - have a look here.


Although material and quality are important - for me, it's all about a how it looks. My cousin once told me that an unmade bed unmakes the room. The bed will always be the focus of your bedroom and needs to be dressed accordingly, bed lined is the foundation of a well made bed. Whilst accessories such as throws and cushions add the finishing touches, the overall set is what sets everything off. Although I said I prefer light and white bedding, I love small details, the set I have on at the moment has this pretty floral bird embroidery that makes the bed look less clinical but keeps the simple style that I prefer.

For the winter months I plan on adding some warmth to the room with tartan linen, I've been having a browse on The Yorkshire Linen Co's site and have found this set which would be perfect, the bold red tartan print will add colour and warmth to the room without making the space look cluttered. I'm enjoying my light and airy feel to the room at the moment but can't wait to dress it for the cold winer months.



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