Recent Beauty Bits

I haven't written a beauty post for a while because I don't feel like I bought anything recently that's been worth with it. I realised that my blog was becoming more waffling streams of consciousness so I had a look at all the bits and bobs that I have bought over the past couple of months, and put together a little recent beauty bits post. Yay.

Bourjois City Radiance 

This foundation is technically a re-purchase as it's just one shade darker from my previous shade as I've tanned recently. I like this foundation as it's not too harsh on my overly dry ridiculously sensitive skin that I've just developed, the coverage is medium so it doesn't show off every flake of skin escaping my face and the glow in the formula highlights those bits that have stayed there - in a good way. 

Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer 

To help my fundation settle a little better on my crusty face, I got this serum primer to give my skin a smooth base and bit of extra glow - perfect for this sunny weather. The soft pink hue really compliments my skin tone. I love how this primer can be used as a serum without foundation for those days when I wake up too late to properly apply make-up want to give my skin a breather. 

Lacura Face Treatment Oil for Dry Skin 

For those of you that don't know, Lacura is Aldi's cosmetics brand - did you cringe? I picked this up becuase my skin was feeling particularly dry during a food shop and for under £3 I decided to give it a bash. I love this stuff - it feel so much better on my skin than creams and has made a huge difference to the crustiness. I've been using it during the night, applying it on damp skin after I've taken my makeup off to sleep in it's oily goodness. I made the mistake of using in the morning and applying my makeup too soon after - my face was basically glowing all day. 

Babaria Creme Hidratante - AKA Snail Cream 

My Blogger Pal Lucy recommended this on her blog here. When she came to stay to celebrate her Birthday (woop woop) she let me give it a go and I love it. It's perfect before applying makeup doesn't feel too heavy or clogging. As Lucy says in her post, it's snail friendly. Thank you Lucy and thank you Snails. 

Primark Makeup Bag 

Look at this massive makeup bag in Rose Gold - need I say more? 
It fits everything in and looks good. Yesss!



  1. Haha hun you have got me cracking up over here with mentionings of crusty face hahaha. I wish Bourjois sort out their act and do foundations for darker skin tones as their makeup is so nice.
    The oil sounds interesting i have recently started to use oil in my routine now that i know it won't fudge up my oily combo skin lol. Does applying to damp skin make a difference xx

    1. Nothing frustrates me more than cosmetic companies not producing darker shades and making them easily accessible, it must be so annoying to not be able to just grab the shade you want! I find that applying it to damp skin dilutes it slightly and helps it soak in better rather than just sit on the skin and leave a greasy sheen, try it and let me know what you think x

  2. I cannot believe that makeup bag is a Primarni bargain. It's gorgeous. Lovely post and beaut photography - too pretty :)

    LC xxx

    1. I know, that's how I felt when I saw it, it's so spacious and there's an inside zip pocket. Thanks for the photography comment - I've been working really hard to improve it so your comment is really appreciated x