Seize the Day

I'm still getting into the whole swing of adulting. In an ideal world, I'd like to be one of those people who can bounce out of bed at 6am and have the most productive mornings before getting on with their real life day but recently, I been terrible at getting out of bed time. I've been dragging myself out of bed with sometimes less than half an hour to get ready which, has resulted me not only feeling pretty crap about myself but also pretty sluggish without breakfast and like a zombie because I didn't even have time for a coffee in the morning.

More recently, probably due to working out more and having a better diet, I've been getting out of bed much easier and enjoying sitting down to have breakfast, scheduling some posts, listening to music and even fitting some reading in.

The great thing about getting up earlier is that you feel like you're getting extra free time, it doesn't feel like part of your normal day and thanks to some healthy Granola, Natural Yogurt and Milled Linsead as well as cup of coffee / green tea (depending on how my tummy is feeling)  I've felt wide awake and ready to make the most of my extra hour and whole day.

I'm not going to event attempt to try and give advice on how to get out of bed earlier because it's as simple as get the f*ck up, literally as soon as you hear alarm climb out of bed and get on with it because being an early bird feels great.



  1. I get up at 6 as it is and don't have time to sit and have breakfast :( The days I have started work later I do have more time and it is nice to be able to sit and have breakfast, do some blog stuff and all... Wish
    I had time more often but I am not getting up earlier than 6 haha xx

  2. I'll let you off then - you can even have a lie in if you like x

  3. I've always found that eating healthier and being more active always helps my sleep pattern!

    I'm not too bad at getting up lately - but I am a sucker for a late afternoon nap!

    Becky |

  4. I love doing this too. It's so tempting to sleep-in, but what always gets me out of bed is the thought of a yummy (yet healthy) breakfast. Perfect way to start the day : )
    Steph x.