The Bluebeards Revenge

So, I was lucky enough be gifted some goodies by the guys over at The Bluebeards Revenge but before we get on to actual product reviews, being a typical woman, Issy decided to stick her two pence in.

What Issy says

I just had to add how impressed I am with the branding for these products, being and English Graduate, I know exactly who Blubeard is, the french fairytale villain famous for slaying his wives made more infamous in Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber where, as a feminist twist Bluebeard is slain by his Wife's Mother. Bluebeard's revenge is a brand aimed at men and for men and marketed in such an intelligent and humorous way...even I'm impressed. 

Back to the products 

I was sent the Big Blue Bar of soap and the Matt Clay, I was already sold with the simplicity of the names of the products and the fact that they are quite clearly, NOT FOR GIRLS - you see that Issy?

The Big Blue Bar of Soap 

This bar of soap is big and blue. We're talking 175g big here. It's so big in fact that the first time I used it I actually struggled to get a lather going because it was so hard to hold. The soap is made this big for manly hands - clearly my hands aren't that manly...shame. Anyway, being the practical hands-on manly-man that I am, I decided to cut the soap down into smaller sizes to really get a feel for it. What a genius I am, the shower was a success. I don't normally use soap because growing up, the only soaps we ever had were those plain old Imperial Leather ones with the little sticker on that smelt of...well soap! I loved the bright blue colour, the guys over at The Bluebeards Revenge made it this colour so that "there's no risk of losing it amongst your better halve's mountains of bathroom gear" and they were spot on, (not with Issy being my better half) but with the fact that I can spot this amongst the sea of pink pots and bottles that she needs every single one of.
As you can see, this is one product she is clearly not allowed to use and thanks the manly-musky smell, I don't think she's want to either.

Soap Scores:
Smell 8/10 
Looks 9/10 
Practicality 7/10 (because of my hands)

Matt Clay 

Hair is something I hold close to my heart because, as I wrote here, I don't have that much hair to hold these days. Due to genetics I'm slowly losing it - Thanks Dad. Whilst I still have some hair, I continue style it until it gets to the point where I'll have to shave it all off. Matte style clay is my go-to product and I'm quite fussy with the products I use on my hair, having stuck with the same clay for the past four years, this stuff had some high expectations to meet.

Smell is important and this clay hits the spot - as with the soap, the manly musky smell is pleasantly striking and lingers all day - I can't put my finger on what the smell actually is, it's just...manly?
I found that this clay had a slight waxy texture which, for those with thinning scalps can be a potential nightmare as the wax clumps hair together making that balding crown just a little more obvious than desired. However, the overall hold of the clay is perfect and stays in place all day. It's also very easy to use and manipulate your hair - it's just my thinning hair getting in the way that makes styling with this take a little longer than usual. For anyone with thicker hair, this stuff would be a dream to use.

As a side note, after a long day of work I didn't have time, nor could I be bothered to shower (I'm a morning shower person anyway) the next morning I was shocked to find that my hair was basically in the same style is it was before; Bluebeards describe the hold as sitting under the radar without betraying you through the day - they need to add night onto this. It with stands water and when I say water, I mean the shower! Washing this out means a good load of shampoo and a song to make sure it's all gone, this isn't a bad thing - you'll still have good hair if you're caught in a downpour!

Clay Scores:
Hold 9/10
Durability 9/10
Smell 8/10

Last but not Least

I've mentioned how much I love the packaging and the overall message that it's not for girls. However, inside the Matt Clay box I found a much more important message...

The message for men to think inside their box really hit home, I wasn't expecting to be informed about male cancer by simply opening a box of hair product. Orchid - Fighting Male Cancer have teamed up with The Bluebeards Revenge to raise awareness of male cancers and get us guys to Man Up and Check! Upon opening the box I found a whole host of facts about cancer as well as ways of contacting Orchid who, recently launched the National Male Cancer helpline. For more information about Orchid click here 

Men - think inside your box 



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