Wanna talk about Body Hair?

Women and body hair is hot topic at the moment. Whilst there are some women who don’t shave, pluck or remove their body hair the majority, including myself do. I tweeted recently that whilst no woman shouldn’t be body shamed for having hair, us that shave, shouldn’t be shamed for doing so either.

It is said that women remove their body hair because of social conditioning and misogyny and blah blah blah. Whilst this is probably-definitely true, it doesn’t necessarily mean that women who shave don’t embrace their hair. Not keeping something doesn’t automatically mean that you hate it or, are ashamed of it. I think I’m a particularly hairy woman, it is arguable that my father could’ve been a yeti – this is something I’ll take up with my Mum at a later date.

There have been instances, in my younger years where I was ‘shamed’ into removing hair by men and women. I was told by a friend in year 9 that I had a monobrow and needed to remove it – at this point I didn’t have a clue how women groomed their brows so grabbed my Granddad’s razor and just shaved the middle. Naturally, I started to develop stubble  quite quickly between my brows. This was spotted in a history lesson by one of the popular girls who gathered everyone over to stare at my face like an art exhibition. Please don’t begin to think that this is a traumatic story about how I was shamed into plucking my brows because of another girl’s internalised misogyny, I didn’t actually start plucking until I was about 17 and owned my stubble until then!

Another time was when I was in year 7, around 11 years old. I was standing outside the secondary school with my older cousin (Hey Lou) and her boyfriend (thinking I was being quite cool with the big kids) until, her boyfriend looked down at my furry legs and said “they must be the hairiest legs I have ever seen” I knew at his point, I wasn’t as cool as I thought I was. I was the little hairy kid standing with them probably blocking them from kissing or planning stuff (sorry Lou). Anyway, that evening, I grabbed my Grandad’s razor and dry, yes DRY shaved my legs in the bathroom – I forgot to ask how one actually shaves one’s legs. The next day I went to school in tights as my legs looked like I’d been attacked by a cat and I’d developed measles in the same night.
Again, it could easily be assumed that I have some deep set issues with my hair and view it negatively but I don’t.

How hairy am I?

Over the years I think I’ve got hairier and I’m not ashamed of it. I’ve grown a lovely blonde moustache that I like to remove every six weeks because I’m just not feeling it. Sometimes I can’t be bothered so I have a shadow on my top lip where my foundation likes to enhance every single little blonde hair that likes to poke out of there - if I can't be bothered to get rid of it, I'll just forfeit foundation.

I'm genuinely proud of mono-brow, my eyebrows are just a continuation of my head hair, they don't really stop. Since the afore mentioned shaving incident, I have the strongest thickest mono-brow ever, I pluck my brows (had a bad incident with some waxing strips that resulted in bad burns - probably another story there) anyway, I will spend a good half hour getting rid of all the mono-fluff for it only to pop back a week later in full-force. There's literally no in between, it's all or nothing. When it's back I have been known to ask people to stroke it, it's an experience I'll tell you that.

Like most women, I shave my legs - but when shaving my legs, I also like to extend the favour to my toes and feet because my feet have hobbit tendencies that don't match my smooth leg look. Unfortunately for me, I have forgotten to shave my feet and toes on occasion which has led to me stroking them - so so soft, and then having to ask people to stroke them to understand what I'm on about.

Maybe I like to be petted?

My list of hair goes on, hairy fingers that need to be trimmed because they stab one another, I've been known to shave my arms to just to feel extra smooth, snail trail, all the pubes, those random black hairs that pop up around my nipples - Go hormones! I might have a hairy back? I've never looked.

I don't have an issue with my body hair no body is forcing me to get rid of it, I want to because I frigging want to - it doesn't make mean I'm disrespecting anyone who chooses not to. Don't immediately judge someone who does remove their because it takes too long to pluck a moustache to have some negative vibes thrown my way.

I'm Hairy McLary from Donaldson's Dairy and I'll shave if I want to



  1. This post is amazing. "Maybe I like to be petted"

  2. Hahahaha hilair!! This is so fascinating for me because I along with my mother and sister obviously have bodily hair but it is barely visible so we have baby soft skin! Ppl tell me i am lucky but do you know i was soooo envious of my peers who got to use a venus and shave their legs i wanted to do it like they did on the adverts then drop a scarf on my legs so it can glide down showing how bloody cool the ladyshave was, I kid you not. But what you gain on one hand you lose on the other I have the shittest fairest sporadic eyebrows ever, so embrace your monobrow haha, do you stil have it? X

    1. I am so going to drop a scarf down my legs next time I shave my legs! My monobrow is still here in full force, it's so soft and thick in the middle but really fair so I can kind of get away with it. X

  3. Hahahahaah, so much of this post had me in stitches! Sooo relatable. I feel I've got hairier as I've aged and I hate it. I admire / respect those who choose to keep their body hair, but I regularly banish mine; apart from in winter when I live in tights or leggings and seriously cant be arsed, like. It just makes me feel better about myself.

    N xx | Lovelaughslipstick x