Monday, 27 June 2016

Benefit Brows

They're not twins, they're sisters

I doubt mine are even related, it's pretty clear I'm talking about brows here. Fleeky on-point brows have been nothing other than a dream for me since I realised that plucking them into one-hair-lines was no longer a thing
I've finally come to terms with the fact that no matter how hard I try, I will never be able to shape them myself so off I trot to the brow bar with my mammoth brows overtaking my forehead and blinding me to, get the hair waxed, threaded and plucked away, Going for that 'I can do my brows' look has consisted of a multitude of epic fails to a reluctant that'll do, I guess jobs...until now. 

When I saw those lucky bloggers head off on a boat trip with my brand of 2016, Benefit (still waiting for my invite like a witch/wizard awaiting their Hogwarts Owl) I couldn't wait to get my hands on some their brand spanking new brow range, specifically KA-BROW and the Goof Proof Brow Pencil. Like all the other muggles, I thought I had to wait until the 24th June to achieve my ultimate brow goals but Benefit, being the babes that they are went and shoved a free mini Goof Proof Brow Pencil in a copy of Elle a few weeks back. 

Brow-making became a whole lot easier from the moment I started using it. I like the fact that you have to build the colour. Other brow pencils have left me with slugs above my eyes as the colour and formula have been too hard, Goof Proof gives you time to get the courage to build up to the density and boldness that you want and, also gives you the option of having a more natural look or, a bolder-evening look. 

I still wanted to achieve on point status so, I booked myself in with the Benefit Babes for a proper brow sesh and a tester of the new range. As always, I was immediately at ease and comfortable discussing all my brow-fails in front of this woman with the most perfect brows known to man and, didn't feel like an utter idiot. Through consultation, we came to the conclusion that KA-BROW would be the best product for me as I haven't got the time to be faffing around with my facial hair all day, nor the patience. 

I was shown how to map my brows and apply the product, the gel is very similar in looks to the pencil but I find it a lot easier to manipulate and give a more natural look. I am shade 3 which provides a nice natural on-point shade for every day but, can build into a bold fleeky shade for sassy night use. 

As usual, Benefit have out done themselves with packaging, the silver tones as well as the twisty pots and applicators all over the shot are aesthetically pleasing but also really practical for carting around in your make-up bag. That Ka-Brow brush isn't going anywhere in a hurry. 

Thanks to Benefit, I can proudly say that my brows are on-point. 


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