Dimensions De Chanel

Mascara is probably the one piece of make-up that I will break the bank for. I might just be a complete snob but I genuinely find that the higher end products do the job better than the drug store gang - sorry not sorry. 

My go-to mascara for over a year now has been Dior It Lash but Dimensions De Chanel has proved to be tough competition. 
I loved how long it made my lashes and how easy it was to apply without leaving me little black speckles all over my eye lids. However, I did find it a little clumping, maybe that's because I was just using a sample pot so the packaging wasn't on point - I dunno. Another thing that's puts me off is bloody Kristen Stewart being the face of it, I face so empty of expression hurts my soul, why can't you smile Kristen, why?

I'm kind of torn with this product, I want to give it a second chance and although I'll pay over the odds for a decent Mascara, £25 a pop is a little too much to justify spending on something I'm not 100% sure about. On the plus side, it's dead easy to remove and doesn't cling to you lashes for a week (still talking about you They're Real). 

Have a look at the end result 



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