Recent Beauty Bits | May - June

Bought, Blagged & Sponsored

Dolce K | Kylie Cosmetics 

Going to have to start with the Dolce K Kylie Jenner Lipkit - I bought this off the lovely Chloe who blogs over at LadyWrites, she was selling it because the colour was too dark for her and I bought it just because I wanted one. I didn't realise how amazing they were until I started using this. The next re-stock came along and I have Koko K and Kourt K on the way! To top it off, I've also won two glosses in Anoushka from Anoushka Loves recent twitter competition, does life get any better than this? NO. When I've got my collection of lipkits and glosses I'll write a generic Kylie Cosmetics post because it has to be done with all the swatches. In the meantime 'ave a look at this *points down*.


CB12 kindly sent me this bottle of their famous mouthwash asking me to give it bash. I love it, it doesn't taste mingin and leaves my mouth feeling and smelling fresh for hours. My job means I have to talk to people face-to-face for long periods of time and there's nothing worse than thinking you might have stinky breath to put you off speaking. This stuff gives me that extra confidence my mah mouth and is a nice refreshing break from the taste and smell of too many get me?

The Bodyshop 

As you know, my skin has been a little b*tch. I so very closely got it sorted thanks to the cream that Lucy from Bethan's Blog recommended but felt that I my foundation was only making the situation worse. I admitted defeat and as the weather was supposed to be getting warmer decided to go back to The Bodyshop and buy some of their BB Cream that I've previously posted about *cba to find the link* Whilst I was there, one of the assistants came over and asked if I wanted colour matching, I said yes and she ended up robbing me. When I say robbing me, I mean, I rambled on about my terrible skin and she recommended the Oils of Life Sleeping Cream (a full post about this will be coming) and I was sold. It's expensive but magical. I've been using it every night for three weeks and my skin is finally back to normal, if not better - Thank you magical Bodyshop Lady!


After trying that Chanel Mascara and realising that my Soap and Glory Mascara was officially dead, I used my Debenhams beauty points and bought some Roller Lash because I know it's good. Benefit are slowly becoming my new favourite brand and with that new brow range coming out, who can blame me?

Speaking of brows

Coincidentally, I popped into the Benefit Beauty Counter in Bedford last week for some brow advice - now my skin has settled I thought it was about time I mastered my brows rather than blagging it every morning. I was given a mapping lesson as well as being taught how to apply my brows. The lovely lady didn't make me part with any money as she thought the new brow range would suit me more than the current one (what a babe) I'm booked in with her for a proper session with the new stuff on the 24th June so keep your eyes peeled for a post about that..

However, if you didn't grab a copy of Elle magazine last week where were you? As we all know, Benefit were giving away a Goof Proof Brow Pencil the exact product the nice Benefit lady wanted to me to try, because I'm a Goof! I've been giving it a whizz and am already in love with it, can't wait to see how else I can bankrupt myself with Benefit products this month!

I think that's all of my significant beauty buys this month - I'm off to read Elle because I'm an avid reader. Naaaaht.



  1. The Body Shop oils of life sounds so intriguing! Sounds like a fab product! xx