Too young for a phone?

My Nephew (Cousin's Son) turned seven last month, bloody seven?!? To give you a bit of background in this kid, he's almost disturbingly intelligent and intimidatingly cool for example, when he was around three he was wearing his sun glasses and sitting in his car seat, I asked him how cool he was and his response was "impossibly" he aint lyin'.

Anyway, on the evening of his Birthday I received a text from him saying "this is my new number" my response "say what now?" to which I got "call me when you can". He had a phone, an Iphone at that, my first thought was, "Damn, if he breaks that there's gonna tears" and my second was "He's too young". 

Too young for what?

Too young to navigate a piece of equipment probably less complex than the playstation, or tablets and computers he uses at school? Too young to able to have contact with his family? Too young to have supervised access to social media and apps that he constantly sees the adults in his life using? 

Adults are so quick to harp on about the old days when kids ran outside and played with mud and bits of crap they found on the floor but they forget that they invented all the latest technology and we can't hold back the progression of our children for the sake of our own romantic nostalgia. 

Times have changed 

For better or worse, children have phones literally shoved in their faces from the moment they are born (we all know how many new born photos new parents can share on Facebook in a day) Is it any wonder that to kids, owning a phone is a natural progression rather than an adult snatching their childhood away? Obviously the kid is currently obsessed with his new phone but who isn't? When I upgraded to my 6+ I probably locked and unlocked it a couple of hundred times in the first evening. The novelty will soon wear off and he simply be a little human being with a phone. From an entirely selfish perspective, I love the fact he has a phone, I don't live near my family and waking up to random texts such as "Mmmm Breakfast" and a torrent of "Love you" and every emoji under the turns my insides all warm and fuzzy and makes my day. I think it's lovely that he can contact all his people independently and enjoy those relationships without having to ask his parents or nick his Mum and Dad's phones. 

He's not growing up too quickly 

He's really not, just because we or you grew up at a different pace doesn't mean that the pace that kid's are going now, is wrong. As technology advances so does society and so do aspects of childhood. We live in age where adults are constantly (and probably too often) on their phones and using social media. It must be bloody hard to hold back as a parent and try and determine what age is right to allow your kid to delve into this land of likes, snaps and filters but I think that so long parents and family members for that matter are responsible about it it can do no harm. My nephew now has snapchat and instagram, obviously both are set to private and being young means that he is only really friends with his family - the likes of me, God help him. I had a word with him on Facetime and advised that sometimes I swear on snapchat because I'm a grown up and allowed to but he's to ignore it; his response "Don't worry Auntie Isabelle, I don't want to swear anyway and I won't let you be a bad influence" - remember when I said he was disturbingly intelligent? After our conversation, he said he said he was going to play with his wresting figures, this is because he's seven and no matter how many snapchat filters there are - he still loves toys. 

Don't judge 

Don't judge other parents on how they decide to bring up their children, and those that don't have children, don't be so quick to say "I won't do that" because you never know how you'll face a situation when it comes at you. Don't compare your parenting to someone else's, providing a child is happy, cared for and loved, it's really none of your business. 

I'm off to snap my nephew, Cya! 



  1. It's crazy. In a way, I want Mini-Me to grow up outside and not hauled up in her bedroom on her phone or laptop. I want her to enjoy being outdoors and learn that there is more to life that what you can see on a screen, but at the same time I don't want her to be held back by not understanding the technologies of today and all the positives that come along with that.

    Unfortunately, she already has an obsession with my phone and facetiming my mum..

    Lucy xx

  2. Times are definitely changing, and with the world becoming more reliant on technology it only makes sense to ensure that the younger generations are growing up with an understanding and ability to use this technology. Besides, phones and ipad's can also be used for educational purposes. If and when I have children, I'll definitely be allowing them to have access to tablets, phones, etc from a young age, though I will also try and teach them that they need to have a balance between the online and offline world.

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer