Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Birthday Bits

It was my birthday exactly a week ago and I was treated to some amazing gifts my friends and family. I don't usually like doing these 'look at all the stuff I have posts' because it just feels a little...braggy? But I got some really nice things that need to be shared. 

Newlook Lightbox 

I might be 26 but I'm never too old for money in a card from my Grandparents, ever. I'd had my eye on this budget lightbox from Newlook for a couple of weeks and knew straight away I was going to snap it up to up my so blogger levels; this little light-up wonder was £9.99 (less pricey than other's on the block due to it only having two rows but when it so beautifully spells out Dickhead, do you even need anymore rows? The set comes with 60 letters and symbols so you can really be imaginative with your 10 character insults. Unless I'm spelling out some post titles, mine pretty much says Dickhead or words to that effect most of the time - money well spent if you ask me! 

Yankee Melts 

My cousin bought be a burner for Christmas, she started an unhealthy addiction to constantly having wax melts burning in the flat (when we're in because leaving candles to burn unattended is a stupid idea kids) We now have a burner in the hall way as well as the living room because you can never really have enough burners. This of course, means that we are constantly running out of melts; luckily, Luke came up with the genius idea of giving me a box of 12 melts! The set includes two of each scent in: Soft Blanket, Vanilla Cupcake, Pink Dragonfruit (one of my favourites), Summer Scoop, Lavender and Aloe Water. You almost don't need to melt these beauties as the box/cylinder smells amazing alone. Typical Luke didn't take the label off so I can tell you that this was £15.99 (and probably from Clintons).

Dolce & Gabbana - The One 

One of my favourite things about Luke is his nose - not only is it Gnome like in appearance, it also has the amazing ability to sniff out beautiful smells. I'm pretty crap at finding new perfumes, I haven't got the patience to go around testing loads, my nose gets confused and I can't distinguish any scents. Luke does have this patience which, is annoying when I'm with him because it takes forever but I don't mind reaping the benefits at Christmas and Birthdays. This year's winner was Dolce & Gabbana The One; I'm not going to go into the top notes and all that jazz because who cares! This stuff smells sexy and nice and I like it and if you think you might like it, go and smell it and then buy it if you do. 

Rimmel 60 Seconds - Caramel Cupcake 

My cousin and I started a new tradition last year of sending each other a box of crap for our Birthday's. Each year we pick a different theme - last year I got a princess box and Jess got a Where's Wally box (don't ask) This year we have decided to do beauty boxes. This was a bit of a challenge for Jess as she's not as makeup obsessed as me (she has grown up stuff to do like parenting and generally being mature) however, she does have a good eye for some little gems and in the box she included this Rimmel 60 second shade in Caramel Cupcake that I now adore. It's the perfect nude shade with hint of pinky caramel that goes with anything. For Rimmel, I found it lasts a good few days before chipping which is always a bonus. The box also consisted of a heap of other stuff, Haribo (she knows me well), hair tube things, chapsticks, eye brow stencils and Terry's orange chocolate to name a few. The great thing about this tradition is that it's as fun creating a box as it is receiving one, I can't wait to get started on Jess' box for September. 

Radley Umbrella 

My Auntie completely outdid herself this year and treated me to this very swanky Radley umbrella (fun fact: Luke  got me brolly last year, I must be a brolly person) The women in my family have this thing for Radley, for years I didn't get the hype but I'm slowly warming to it since getting my watch for Christmas. This brolly is so cute with the standard Radley print in blue and coral - and who doesn't want a designer umbrella? I haven't had chance to use it yet because I've dodged the rain but I'm almost excited to be caught in rainfall with this. 

These were just a few of my most favourite gifts, I was treated to a beautiful bunch of flowers by my team at work as well as lots of other goodies from Luke including a book, some Urban Decay make up and not forgetting the Nando's - thanks to everyone for making my Birthday so special and giving me some swag to blog about! 



  1. So glad theres a cheaper lightbox, I really want one =]

    1. They're so fun, and thankfully this one comes with enough characters to be really creative....with insults. xx


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