Snoreeze Review

Luke and I were given to opportunity to review Snoreeze throat spray - the name kind of spells out the purpose of this product, Snore -Ease, making snoring easier, as in non-existant. It's pretty clear that one of us snores and that person is Luke because I'm perfect. You might think that we jumped at the chance to use Snoreeze for my benefit because there's nothing worse than sounds of what can only described of a dying warthog waking you up in the night or, preventing you from nodding off. However, I have developed an extremely effective way of preventing Luke from snoring that involves sharp punches to whichever body part happens to be closest to my eagerly awaiting fist at the time. 

Spray Vs Punching 

The spray comes in a small 14ml bottle and has a long applicator attached for Luke to stick down his throat. The consistency of the spray is more creamy than fluid and has a minty taste to it (according to Luke) The spray is said to target the main cause of snoring with it's dual action, time-based formulation tones that lubricate the soft tissues at the back of the throat to provide effective snoring relief for up to 8 hours. Snoreeze advise that Luke doesn't eat / drink after application - bonus for me as this also means I don't have to displeasure of waking up to the sound if pistachios being crunched through the darkness. 

Luke found the whole process of having to stick some spray he wasn't too sure of down his throat a little daunting at first but I suppose the idea of not being woken by punches was enough to win him round. We tried the spray for a week to give it a good test and did find that it works...really well. 
So much so that at around 4am on the third morning, I woke up to complete silence, nothing, not a peep coming from Luke, not even a breath. Being the overly anxious idiot that I am, rather than thinking that the spray was actually working, I assumed he was dead and persisted to beat his chest and shout his name (I swear I am genuinely first-aid trained) Luke awoke with a jolt thinking something was on fire and was pretty pissed off to discover that the reason I had jumped on him was because I thought he was dead. 

In the mornings, Luke was also complaining of an extremely dry throat - being a man, he likes to drink as much water as possible during the night so that if he's not waking me up with his snoring, he's waking me up with one of those elephant style man-wees. Unfortunately, the fact that he can't drink once the spray has been applied meant that he felt like he was dehydrated in the morning, and that I got a good night's sleep. Bummer right? 


I'm guessing that by this point of the review you're probably a little confused as to whether we like this stuff or not. Truth is, it does work but I think I kind of miss my big snoring warthog and would rather have what sounds like a blocked drain sleeping next to me than the irrational fear of a corpse and, Luke would prefer to be able to wake up feeling hydrated (and eat pistachios during the night) without having a sore dry throat. It turns out that for us, punching is more effective than spray but if you want a less violent relationship and to not resemble anything that snorts or gurgles in your sleep then Snoreeze is the way to go. 

For more information about Snoreeze and their products, wander over here. 



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