Vatika Naturals

"For nature kissed hair that, makes you feel great"

Vatika Naturals was another brand that I'm pretty to happy to have discovered at the Bloggers Ball. Vatika (meaning garden) is a collection of hair care products using an abundance of herbs and natural ingredients to give hair a nice natural shine as well as promoting growth and strength. The lovely Vatika reps at the Bloggers Ball were not only giving away some free full-sized samples but also asking us what our hair concerns were and, providing us with a specific suitable sample. I was given the Garlic Enriched Hair Oil and Indian Acacia Shampoo.

Garlic Enriched Hair Oil

The fact that the main ingredient in this oil was garlic put me off to begin with, no one wants garlic smelling hair do they. However, after having a sniff it became apparent that the fragrance of lemon and rosemary as well as other essential oils overpowered any whiff of garlic possible.
According to Vatika's 4 step regime for perfect hair, oil is to be applied first followed by shampoo, conditioner and then whatever styling product needed. I've learned with this oil that a little goes a long way and a deep shampoo is necessary afterwards - having thought I'd washed all the oil out on a Sunday night I found that I had greasier hair than before I washed it by Monday Morning - safe to say this was a hair up day. As inconvenient as this was, Vatika also recommend keeping oil in over night to really treat your hair so, essentially, I was doing my hair a favour. I've been using the Garlic Hair Oil for just over two weeks and have noticed a massive improvement in the texture of my hair, it's so much softer that daily heat is no longer necessary. Thanks to the natural ingredients, I've also noticed an improvement in the condition of my scalp, it's not as dry as it once was and my hair doesn't get greasy half as quickly as it used to.

Indian Acacia Shampoo

Although this shampoo is labelled as for greying hair, which I don't have...yet, the Indian Acacia traditionally known as the 'Shikakai' is perfect for repairing and protecting thinning and or damaged hair. Working along with the oil,  I have found that this shampoo does wonders for my hair - it's said to minimise the damage from frequent shampoo use which is something that I have definitely noticed. I wouldn't say that this shampoo has a specific scent, more of just a generic shampoo smell but it does the trick. Since using my Vatika products I have noticed a huge difference the look and feel of my hair and extra growth which, was unexpected. I'm usually quite careless with hair products and will pick which ever is on offer at the time however, I think I have found a firm favourite with Vatika Naturals and, thankfully they are available in my local Superdrug for exceptionally reasonable prices: the shampoos and conditioners are usually around £2.99 with the hair oil costing £3.99 and the conditioning masks £5.99.

If you're looking for an affordable and accessible natural hair care system, Vatika Naturals have got your back.