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Looking for a a none-biscuity, streak-free, subtle tan? Stop what you're doing and look no further because Xen-Tan have got you covered. 
I received these three samples in a goodie bag at the HQ Hair Bday partay and only just got around to using them. 
You know those mid-week evenings when you're feeling a bit down because you have another 2 days left of adulting and you haven't worked out all week and, you can't afford everything on the Benefit stand and your eyebrow's wont stop growing everywhere but above your eyelids and you wonder what you're even doing with your life so you decide to have pamper? Yeah? 

Well, I rummaged around the sample shelf (yes, that's a thing) of my Bureau and decided that a tan was exactly what I needed to be a human again. I didn't have a clue who Xan-Tan were at this point and I didn't care, I just wanted to be a bronzed goddess. 

Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe 

The first tan in the 3-pack of miniature samples that I used was the Dark Absolute Luxe, I didn't have high expectations and fully anticipated strolling into work the next day looking like a cast member of Geordie Shire circa 2011. I was immediately intrigued by the almost gel-like formula of the product and the lack of tan-smell. After applying with my trusty old mitt in the standard circular motion as per all tanning products are applied, I noticed how quickly it dried and how moisturising it was - due to inclusion of Aloe and Shea Butter in the formula. 

The slight colour to begin with, acts as guide, ensuring that you're not left with patches and the quick drying elements allow you go to over with another layer should you choose to which, is ideal when you're having a late night impulse pamper. I had had made a tragic error when applying the tan to my feet and left a lovely white patch on the side of my foot that was only highlighted when wearing heels the next day, go me. However, for blog purposes, this served as good guide to see how the tan developed throughout the day and oh, how it developed. Although this tan is described as almost intimidatingly dark - it's not so dark that you look like pleb - especially if you're naturally quite pale like me. The tone of the tan is more natural, genuinely looking like sun tan rather than slathered in orange-crap-tan. After a day of staring at my patchy foot, I showered the excess tan off an proceeded to patch-up the foot . I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to blend and how well it settled. 

This tan faded quite quickly (I don't tend to commit to maintaining  tans very well so I doubt this is a reflection of the product at all) what impressed me the most with this product was that it faded naturally and evenly which, is pretty much a miracle in tan-land. For once, I wasn't left with a patchy neck and desperately scrubbing away it to look less like I hadn't washed in weeks. Overall, I loved this tan and would certainly use it again...and again, and again. 

Luminous Gold Gel 

Hailed by Xen-Tan as a revolutionary magic tan, I can't disagree that this stuff is a little bit magical. Working as a weekly self-tan with a 7 day glow period the gel provides a golden glow with extra sparkle (perfect for the current wedding and festival season) Upon application the gel gives an immediate shimmer as seen below perfect for last minute application. 

After three hours, the gel develops into a natural looking golden glow that stays on top of the skin as if my magic. The only downside to this little beauty is that the iridescent gel can make application a little tricky, you only know that you've covered everywhere so long as you're sparkling but who doesn't want to twinkle like Edward Cullen? Again, the gel dries super quickly and due to the formula, you can slip into clothes straight after application without fretting about smudges and stains. Another thumbs up for Xen-Tan from me. 


Firstly, what a name.  Secondly, what a product. Finally, an instant tan that doesn't go blotchy at the first hint of rain. So long are the nights when you arrive at the venue sporting leopard spots because it started spitting. This tan stays on until you wash it off...physically wash it off. As with the Absolute Luxe Lotion there's no tan-smell and it applies like a dream. Being an instant tan, the colour is visible from application so go steady; the overall look is build-able depending on preference, I did a pretty heavy swatch to show the overall finish. There's no streaking or patches (unless you forget to apply it somewhere cough-feet-cough) and it dries in 60 seconds meaning you're good to go as soon as you're done. 


It's no surprise that such a high quality product comes with a heft price tag, with a full-sized bottle of Dake Lotion Absolute Luxe  (236ml) setting you back at £39.99 and most other full-sized products being around the same mark. The 30ml travel sized bottles are only £4.99 with around two whole-body uses in each pot so, if like me you can't be spending near £40 on tan the mini selection might be your best option. Although the price range is pretty hefty, I think it's perfectly justifiable, I've not used a better tan my life and that includes professional tans. To view more Xen-Tan products head over to HQ Hair here.


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