Barry M Olympic Collection | Bronze Bae

It's funny how trends come along, I can't remember a time when we weren't all swooning over rose gold and copper but who suddenly decided that they were the new in thing to have? And how has my bedroom suddenly become infused with hints of copper? And are you even a blogger if you don't have this faux succulent from Newlook?

I was browsing the Barry M section in Superdrug this week looking for some nail inspiration and I stumbled upon the Olympic Collection - this instantly reminded me of Kylie Jenner's Metal glosses (you can't escape that family) I was drawn to Bronzed Bae - that name at all screams buy me. 
This colour is a little 'out there' for me, I don't usually go for metallic shades but the bronze / copper tones in this colour are too much to resist. 

I applied two coats for a bolder look although one did provide perfect coverage, I became a little disenchanted with Barry M lately when their pastel shades were requiring a few too many coats and not blending well. It's refreshing to use a formula that's so easy to apply. Although the chrome effect looks extra sparkly, the mirror shine foil finish is really smooth and feels less...chippable? 
I've worn this for a couple of days now and haven't experienced any chipping - bear in mind that I'm the clumsiest person and break a nail a day, I'm doing well. 
My favourite thing about this shade is it's simple yet unique overall look. Although it's bold colour, it's subtle and compliments every outfit without looking tacky and too much. Who would've thought sparkly nails could be worn outside of the festive season. 

There are three Molten Metal shades included in the Barry M Olympic collection - Bronze Bae, Gold Digger and Silver Lining, individually they're the standard Barry M price of £3.99 but as an online exclusive you can buy the collection for £8 at Superdrug.



  1. Oooo pretty =]

  2. Ive been waiting for someone to do a review of this,i also didnt like their pastel range.Great post,looks lovely X