Lottie London | Lottie Laquer

It looks like my once beloved Barry m have some tough competition. I spotted Lottie London in Superdrug months ago but it never crossed my mind to try anything out - I like to stick to what I know when it comes to drug store beauty which, can sometimes become a bit of a hindrance. I was given a pot of Lottie London nail laquer in July's Pink Parcel in the shade perfectly named Blogger Babe and was blown away by the quality of it. 

Blogger Babe 

Blogger Babe is a nude shade with a subtle hint of earthy lilac that compliments any outfit or makeup look. The name alone meant that I had to try this shade out and I was pleasantly surprised with the overall finish. Only needing two coats to create a strong fully-covered finish and with what seemed like a tiny amount of time to completely dry this shade soon became my day-to-day shade. What impressed me the most about Lottie Laquer was how durable the product is. I, the clumsiest person to trip the earth managed to, for the first time in forever not chip my nails for an entire seven days (until I decided to change shades). These seven days included two full-nail breaks, where in both instances the actual laquer didn't chip and just broke off with the nail meaning I could simply file down the rough edges without having to re-do my nails. I also managed to fall over several times, wash up, bleach the bathroom, sand and paint two items of furniture and go to the gym twice without a single chip, smudge or crack.


After being so impressed by the durability and quality of the laquer, I decided to treat myself to another shade for my upcoming friend's baby's christening. To co-ordinate with my navy blue skirt and as a slight nudge toward autumn, I chose Revamp: a deep red shade with a shiny finish. I found that this shade needed three coats rather than two to blend properly and I also found that this was slightly more difficult to apply than Blogger Babe. However, I always tend to fluff up when applying red nail shades and can never do as good of a job as I can with any other colour so I highly doubt this is anything to do with Lottie London. 


If you're clumsy like me and are looking for an affordable nail product that will survive all your accidents, I highly recommend Lottie London. Each Nail Laquer currently costs £3.99 in Superdrug (they're usually priced at £5.99). As a side note, I just want to mention how pretty the bottles are *cough instagrammable cough*. Lottie London also have a variety of snazzy looking makeup brushes and other products that I am looking forward to trying out in the future.  



  1. Haha, these are defo Instagrammable nail varnish bottles! Lottie London products are seriously pretty - I'm most intrigued to try out their gorgeous make-up brushes! I've not heard too much about their nail varnishes until now but I love the sound and look of Blogger Babe, it looks like such a gorgeous neutral!