Queen of Oils 100% Argan Oil*

I'm still very much riding the oil bandwagon and when Queen of Oils offered to send me some of their 100% Argan Oils to sample, I jumped at the chance because you can never have enough oil dotted around the house. 

We all know that Argan Oil works wonders on hair and when used properly, can produce silky smooth princess hair that makes Disney Princesses jealous. On especially warm days I tend add a drop of oil to the ends of my hair to keep it moisturised throughout the day - rather then letting it get dry and frazzled. Too much oil can result with extremely greasy looking hair so use sparingly (common sense really). On those greasy days, y'know, those days where you think you have another day left before you need to wash but, when you get ready you realise your hair is practically stuck to your head and you have no other option other than to scrape it back and hope for the best *take a deep breath* well, how about turning this into a positive? 

These days that tends to happen quite a lot (because I'm a tramp) however, when scraping my hair back I apply a nice amount of oil to my hair and scalp - I mean, it's greasy AF anyway right? This means that my trampy day is actually proving to be beneficial as I'm giving my hair a nice long soak before washing it in the evening. Alternatively, you can apply Argan Oil over night but I don't like the idea of a slippery pillow transferring to my face and then waking up with all the spots. Argan Oil can also be used for a few minutes before a shower/wash to add extra moisture. I've been using Queen of Oil on my hair for over a week now and have noticed a huge difference in not only the shine and of my hair but also the overall condition of my scalp which, brings me nicely round to my next point....

Argan Oil is also a wonderful skin moisturiser - On pamper days I have been applying some all over my body for up to an hour before my bath/shower, my skin has been extra soft afterwards and smells amazing (thanks to some of the flavours I was sent - more on that later). This past week, I've had the chance to test Argan Oil on all sorts of skin issues and its proved effective every time. I gave myself a nice little shaving rash when I accidentally used an old razor rather than a new one, really fantastic when it's prime skirt weather! Luckily, Argan Oil came to the rescue and a few dabs of oil with some gentle wiping of a cotton pad and my angry rash went from shouting "why did you do this to me!?!" to "maybe we can work things out" in less than fifteen minutes. I also snagged my cuticle and got one of those bits of skin that I had to rip off - it hurt more than a dislocated knee (yes, I have had a dislocated knee) but after massaging some oil into it it soon felt soothed and moisturised my cuticle enough to prevent any further pain inducing-skin-pulling moments. I then decided to use oil on all my nails when applying my Sunday manicure and found that it made improvements to my usually flaky finger tips. 

Which, brings me round to my crusty feet (this is a fabulous post, I know) To fully commit to sampling my samples, I thought I'd shove some on my feet and hope for the best - the best happened, my heels are becoming less cracked. When my chin decided to break out in four massive spots (if you follow me on snapchat you'll know all about Chinny McChinspot) the area around the breakout became really dry as the spots reduced whilst the rest of my face remained oily. I applied a small amount of oil to just the dry areas and left over night - the next morning the skin was dramatically more moisturised and by day three it was almost healed. 

So, what did Queen of Oil send me? 

I was luckily enough to receive four samples of 10ml oils. Three of these were scented: Cherry, Coconut and Citrus and a standard Argan Oil. I loved using the Cherry and Citrus in my hair as the scents lasted until my next wash and gave a nice fruity-fresh feeling. I used the Coconut on my body, face, hands and lips (when I wanted to give them some TLC) - each cost £7.00. I was also gifted the Argan Oil lip balm which works wonders during the day between lip stick applications to keep drying at bay. 

"Where can I get some" I hear you ask 

You can view the full range of Queen of Oil over here and too keep up with news, events and offers - give them a like on Facebook over here. All IssyBelleFox readers can grab 20% off using the code: queeny

Happy Oiling 



  1. Argan Oil is the best! It is made in Morocco, my parents are from there lol! So we have plenty of Argan Oil here and it really makes my hair smooth and healthy!